My rant, watered down version. :(

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Wolfdancer's Den

It all started, this time, when I read William Forstchen’s book Day of wrath.

It really bugs me how these people can laugh at murder and other crimes. What happened to Americans that they allow this stuff to happen? I’m generalizing on purpose here. I’ve seen videos and read articles that would turn your stomach. And they laugh about it! And the liberals kiss ass.

Oh and by the way, tolerant is a bad word. It’s so you don’t challenge what they’re doing. That and politically correct. Ugh!

It took 8 years of obama to set America over the edge. Heck, National Geographic got on the bandwagon with their latest issue about transgender crap. Men are not men anymore.

Just so ya know, you’re born how ya are, not one of at least ten different genders.
Speaking of obama, he has made us weak and complacent so the muslims can…

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