Feeling my patriotic oats

I rarely imbibe, but Dearest and I decided a little red wine was in order today.  We heard Trump make one, maybe two references to himself during his inaugural speech.  (Obama averaged 2 every 3 mi…

Source: Feeling my patriotic oats

2 thoughts on “Feeling my patriotic oats

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    The true feeling of patriotism, is long overdue in our nation.
    There was war between foreign nations that America had entered as ally. A rebuilding of the ex-aggressor nations. Many of their peoples had some strange demented thoughts on their master/imperial stature, that needed to be pulled from the youth, after the fact. Our nation assisted in airlifts to feed people. Our nation again saw an enemy but the UN meddled so it was a police action. Then after the fact, our nation rebuilt a war ravaged half of a nation. Then our nation fed that nation with a rice delivery that many people today know nothing of, but JFK used his smarts. Then out of the blue, a missile crisis, and our nation persevered through that. A presidential assassination, and our nation, sobbingly, made it past that one. Another police action, costing 58,000 American lives, and countless number of dollars as it is believed, many dollars, disappeared, but no records exist, our nation made it through that. Hostages in Iran. A lunatic in Libya. A dictator in Iraq. A Pennsylvania field, where Flight-93 and the patriots aboard came to their final resting place, and the Pentagon, not to forget New York City, with over 3,000 lives lost, but 28 pages of intelligence pointing to one single actor and supporter of terrorism, concealed by our now slanted elected officials. America still is trying to get closure. A former traitor and enemy of a president, but America got over that.
    To feel Patriotic oats, calls for a lot of living, and a lot of experiencing in real time, good, bad, and difficult times. It all ends up cleared with a long drink of clear cold water, and walking outside to breath crisp fresh air, and feel a bit of sunshine on one’s face. A knowing, that as America, has turned it’s course and returned to God, a strength and understanding, is gained. The LORD places His arm around your shoulder and starts to walk, and you, humbly walk along with Him. There will be other difficulties, and you, yes, you, are the reason why this nation will get through them all.


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