My Thanks to Dianne Marshall for her excellent and factual reports…


queer-party-still0118_00015_1484786059044_2563342_ver1-0_640_360Thank you Tommy Burel – you said it the best!

 “They were doing these same things when Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments and Moses was so livid seeing this debauchery…he broke the commandments in a rage!  God opened up the earth and swallowed two thirds of them… do it again God!!” By Tommy Burel

See the livid display here!

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence attends a campaign rally in Manchester

These are the times that try the souls of the decent.  The LGBT community is hosting a queer party in front of the residence of Mike Pence.


No one is saying the self called “Queers” can’t party tonight.  What is wrong is the public display infringing upon the rights of Vice President Pence and his right to enjoy his evening without the circus in his yard!  Any time now a few of them are going to demand someone send him outside so they can have their…

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