January 8, 2017

The last paragraph is worth reading the whole article … work and Thank you cryandhowl.cccom

Cry and Howl

Blogging for ol’ Steve has gotten a bit tiring and I’ve grown weary with the stunning ignorance of a lot of people. Lets take a few examples of just how forgetful or willfully ignorant or just plain stupid many Americans are.

“The Russians ‘hacked’ America’s presidential election! It’s an attack on Democracy and the Russians are celebrating Trump’s victory!”

James Crapper … er … Clapper actually suggested the idea that the alleged involvement of Russia in the election could be an act of war. There is a problem with anything Mr. Clapper says. That being he is a certified liar. Can anyone recall that this same ass-clown stated under oath that the NSA wasn’t collecting data on the American public? This claim only to be proved an utter lie. Anyone who falls for the idea that the Russians influenced even one voter to change their vote from Hillary to Trump…

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