The Silent Soldier

Honor Our Veterans (Photo: Public Domain) Honor Our Veterans (Photo: Public Domain)

November 8, 2016

Written by Lorra B.

Our Veteran’s sacrifice in ways that most civilians will never know or fully understand and American’s have an obligation to make sure that our brave heroes, home and abroad, have peace of mind about how they will be treated and provided for here at home.

Freedom is not one bit free and our brave heroes selflessly provide daily that freedom for each and every one of us. Voting is not only our right and privilege, it is our duty. Your vote just may help to change many of the difficulties our veterans face every day.

Challenges for our veterans are seemingly without number as they face injuries as well as psychological trauma. Finding a city with military-related jobs, veteran-friendly employment, affordable housing, economic health, and health care can prove tedious for many veterans.

Upon re-entering civilian…

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