Nothing that the Government would like better, is to turn this into another “Wounded Knee” situation… Support our Native Americans who are trying to save their water and Tribal lands, from the encroachment of the pipeline. the pipeline can find another route that will not mess with the lands and water.

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Nov.02: Hundreds of Armed Police Descend On Water Protectors Trying To Reach DAPL Site// MintPress News


Police descended on water protectors in North Dakota on Wednesday, as images on social media showed a dramatic standoff along a creek that borders a construction site for the long-opposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Jordan Chariton, a political reporter with The Young Turks network, posted this video dispatch after covering events just east of the main camp, where Standing Rock Sioux tribal members and their allies were set upon by law enforcement officers in full military gear:

Amidst the standoff one peaceful demonstrator said she was telling officers that she “Loved them” when they began #shooting her in the face with mace.

And filmmaker and journalist Josh Fox, also on the scene, decried the violence by authorities, telling Chariton, “These people from the North Dakota #police force and…

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