CAUTION ! This story may be a bit rough for Sunday Morning… It really makes this old man — mad as a hornet …

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211If you don’t already love Obama and his anti-war minions, just remember a Hillary as POTUS will be far worse.

The woman literally hates our men and women in uniform and would not allow them to look at her or wear their uniforms in her presence.

80b5abe1fe65baa261059bf52b5bc9efTake it to the bank and bet on it, Hilda is not listening to the soldier who believed he had her ear.

She would view him like little people, the way she looks at all of us.

It’s time for the bitch to have the boom land rightsquare on her head.

Perhaps that will knock some sense into her.

“How Hillary became a Hawk.“(Source)


David S. Cloud

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