If you don’t know Watchmen on the Wall … get to know them (Grass Roots Conservative Pastors Organization… They are quite sharp and active.

Watchmen On the Wall Ministries

Congress needs to immediately impeach FBI Director James Comey for committing obstruction of justice in the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal. Director Comey destroyed evidence, ignored evidence, disobeyed subpoenas from Congress, gave immunity to Hillary’s team, and put Hillary and the Obama Administration above the law.

These are high crimes involving murder and threats to our national security! Because those emails got into the hands of our enemies American agents have been killed.

FBI Director James Comey needs to be impeached immediately and be sentenced to life in prison! He has broken his oath of office, violated the Constitution,overruled law and order, and can no longer be trusted to hold any public office!

Please sign the petition at http://aclj.org/executive-power/demand-congress-impeach-obama-fbi-director-comey and demand that Congress immediately impeach FBI Director James Comey.

Please share this with everyone you can.

Thank you.

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