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As the morning temperatures lower towards freezing and the mist enshrouds the meadows of Yellowstone the bison appear in both a primeval and ethereal state. I am utterly captivated by their movement and their bellowing as they move across the meadows. These images were all made in the pre-dawn and early dawn hours.

rbt_2110 Bison in the pre-dawn hours along the road to Fountain Flats

rbt_2143 Bison in the pink light of dawn

rbt_2211 Bison migrating

rbt_2258 A bison family

rbt_2270 A bull bison

rbt_2283 Bison at morning’s first blush

rbt_2303 A bison feeds along Nez Perce Creek

rbt_2327 Bison crossing the Nez Perce Creek

rbt_2352 A baby bison wanders among the thermal features

rbt_2885 Bison passing through trees and meadows

rbt_2932 Bison in meadows near the Firehole River

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