Thank you so much for the report and your post of 9-22 (today), it is exactly what I have been saying for quite awhile, but actually didn’t know the players until now, all I knew for sure was the North American Union would be Mexico the US and Canada (to start) and with the Pacific trade pact the door is open for some of the Pacific, even Japan and Korea and smaller Pacific islands… It is not to be brushed off as another conspiracy theory, Eventually the U.N. will consist of smaller socialist unions controlled by the central committee of the UN…


The CFR’s “North America: Time for a New Focus” report, a globalism blueprint, states ‘The Next U.S. President Must Have North American Goals?’ NOT ON TRUMP’S WATCH!

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The Council on Foreign Relations are pushing for a shared sovereignty for the United States.  They  are firm with their message that the next president in 2017 MUST HAVE THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION POLICY  as their  PRIORITY.

Awake AMERICA and Take heed- This is very real, and in motion. This is what Trump and ‘we the people’ are all up against.  This is no joking matter and not an election to blow off.  This is our very future!   Trump has literally taken the globalist bull by the horns to save the nation he loves so dearly – AMERICA!


The head of the council on foreign relations, Robert Zoellick is a senior advisor to Goldman Sachs International and is co-chair with Gen. Petraeus of the the CFR’s “North America: Time for a New Focus”…

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