excellent coverage of a narcissistic psychopath (Samantha Power) one of Obama-Clinton picks… by the Grace of God we will dodge a war with Russia over Syria. Some more of the failed Obama foreign policy…


US NATO conducted airstrikes on behalf of ISIS murdering Syrian soldiers in the light of day, thus an act of war on Syria and presumably on Russia! In an emergency UN security meeting to discuss the matter with Russia and members of NATO, the US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, had the gall to scowl and storm out of the emergency UN Security Council meeting instead of answering questions from her Russian counterpart Vitaly Churkin.


I guess she thought she was in D.C. in front of congress? Or maybe in front of the F.B.I.? Who knows where she thought she was or who for that matter?

It is obvious that the Obama regime, along with DNC campaign darlene , Hillary, have all deluded their sense of reality. All reason has been replaced with their own deranged idea of self indulged power, importance, and  self serving authority.

One thing is…

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