COULD IT BE, the ripple effect, will do more damage than setting the stage for an Islamic takeover? The take over will be in the towns and counties of the nation, until they can have the numbers to take control of the states. the cost addition to the National Debt, (already at nearly 20Trillion, chaotic violence in the streets; coupled with the Black Lives Matter movement, there will be no law except Shariah, no rights except Shariah, and martial law to prevent a revolution,… connect the Obama dots for the past 8 years. Could it be his plan to establish a dictatorship and the North American Union? He is cunning and smart, and has us believing he is stupid. right on schedule.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Update:Many more details here.  Apparently it was Secretary of State Kerry and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson who delivered the (bad) news. The report has been printed, so look for it tomorrow. It is very useful. This is not the end of it. The Republican Congress must still fund it.  Will they???

Senator Jeff Sessions, an advisor to the Trump campaign and a long time leader for immigration sanity on the Hill has just released this press release (here and below).  Apparently the US State Department (Kerry? Richard?) delivered the Presidential determination and held a consultation with at least the Senate Judiciary Committee (we assume the House Judiciary Committee was present).

jeffsessions Senator Jeff Sessions, a Trump advisor from the very beginning obviously believes that only with Donald Trump in the White House will we see any sanity return to the immigration issue.

The number is well short…

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