COULD IT BE THAT, the Freedom Caucus should know not to spend more money on importing terrorists into our nation? One would surely think so.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Update September 8th: The Freedom Caucus seems to be discussing how to throw us a bone by way of an amendment to the Continuing Resolution. Congress could still cut the funding without a complicated amendment. (Will have more later.) In the meantime, a reader suggests calling Members’ district offices, tell them to cut all funding for refugees and if they don’t respond, put together a demonstration in front of the district office, take photos and get them a little unwanted publicity.

What is happening September 15th? That is the day the federal resettlement contractors (that masquerade as non-profits) say they are dropping off those postcardsat the US Capitol demanding more refugees (200,000!) be admitted to the US beginning on October first (the first day of the new fiscal year).  More refugees require billions more of your (taxpayer) dollars to fly them here and place them in your towns.

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