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Richard Nixon and Benedict Arnold?  They’ve got nothing on Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of U.S., U.S. Senator from New York, Secretary of State of the U.S.  and now a U.S. presidential candidate, again.   Actually, Hillary Clinton has been running for president for nearly 30 years.  There is nothing she won’t do/hasn’t done to achieve her ultimate power surging goal.  There is no position, no office Hillary has not abused and corrupted in her path.   A pretty impressive resume on paper, when you link her to the title of the office.   She used each as a stepping stone for presidency, grabbing contributions and bribes all along the way.  That has always been Hillary’s main duty, get what she can, all personal gain.   She cares not about loyalty to the country, she is about money and power.

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