COULD IT BE, that is really no surprise issue? But is is funny just the same.

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The nanny state never takes a break, not even in the middle of a hot summer day.

Pennsylvania by Kevin Glass

Every summer, Justyn Myers and Jake Long organize Philadelphia’s Cedar Street Block Party, a day of fun and festivities for residents in the Olde Richmond neighborhood. Like any good block party, there’s plenty of music and food, but in the middle of a heat wave on the Eastern seaboard they wanted to up the ante with an impromptu pool.

So the organizers rented an old dumpster, cleaned it out, sealed it, put down a tarp on it and filled it with water. Voila! Instant pool for a hot summer block party.

There’s only one problem: Philadelphia bureaucrats.

Yes, this little dumpster pool was highly illegal, according to the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections.

courtesy of rdorothyp - Instagram courtesy of rdorothyp – Instagram

“A building permit is required to put up, even…

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