Right on schedule… if one of these Establishment RINOs ever gets re-elected shame on the Republicans. guess your votes don’t count.

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screenshot donald trump and veteran who gave trump his purple heart

Although not the first time that Barack Obama has said it, last Thursday, Obama dispatched via a televised press conference to the world, one huge dog whistle.

The malignant narcissist who is clearly threatened by a Donald Trump presidency ordained that the 2016 Republican Party nominee is unfit to serve in the office of Commander-in-Chief.  (Party of me believes that Obama was looking in the mirror when he said those words.

Obama then doubled down on the meme by ordering the NeverTrumpers, Republican Party leadership to retract all support behind the 2016 Republican Party presidential nominee (support that they never gave in the first place).

Just the other day, a New York Congressman, Richard Hanna (R-Barneveld) wrote an op-ed announcing that he will vote for Hillary Clinton.

News of a Republican crossing party lines to vote for Clinton spread like wildfire as if Republicans never crossed party lines for any…

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