Hillary Says Americans Will Have to Change Their Personal and Religious Beliefs

COULD IT BE, that Obama was right when he said “Hillary will finish the job?” Of course …

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Hillary Clinton said that Americans will have to change their religious convictions and cultural codes so they can pass laws. Convictions and belief systems of citizens should not stand in her way. Cultural codes and religious beliefs have to change, Hillary said. She said the same thing in April of last year at the the sixth annual Women in the World Summit.

Instead of worrying about Fascism by Trump, people might want to look to the real and substantiated Fascism of Mrs. Clinton.

Americans have to change their beliefs because she says so? She will tell us what to think?

She was mostly referring to abortion but she can extend that to anything. She’s now the thought police.

In addition, Tim Kaine who claims to be personally against abortion, agreed to repeal the Hyde Amendment in exchange for the VP position.

What a loser.

The Hyde Amendment…

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