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Black Lives Matter thugs blocking bridge and trafficUnified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Then consider “A Conspiracy to Commit Misdemeanors”, a possible strategy for victims:

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the southbound lanes of I-95 just north of Richmond, VA recently. They blocked traffic just at the beginning of rush hour, backing up traffic, four lanes, for several miles. Thousands were effected. At this printing it’s unknown how many were late for work, couldn’t make a doctor’s appointment, radiators overheated (it was 93 degrees) and had to call for a tow, or an ambulance was unable to get through (we know at least one patient died earlier in the year).

This has been going on for several months now, an d it has long since passed being a remembrance e for Michael Brown who was justifiably shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri almost two years ago. It was not a spark, it was an excuse.

What we do know here in…

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