NeverTrumpsters Accuse Trump of Setting Cruz up to Fail

Don’t be mislead…
COULD IT BE, that, that, that, (forgot him already), oh yeah Cruz, Cruz did what he has done from the start, let his stupidity and flip flopping, choose what to do. He did it, and Trump was only being fair to him and let him speak, that is it … regardless of the Cruz supporters try to paint the real picture as.

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#NeverTrumpsters are all over social media today attacking Donald Trump and his supporters with GOP establishment pundits leading the march.

One tweet posted earlier today from @Trumpnado2016 caught my eye.  In a failed attempt to insult the intelligence of Trump supporters, the tweet read:

#CruzsRevenge Trumpovites are admitting if you “Vote your Conscience” you can NOT vote for Trump. #NeverTrump

cruz supporter trumpnado tweet insulting intelligence of trump supporters

An interesting tweet, although not true.  No one is admitting anything.  However, after sufferings attacks for months from NeverTrumpsters repeatedly applying these metaphors, everyone is quite familiar with the “dog whistles.” (We should thank Progressives for educating the nation in the art of “dog whistles” and “code words.”)

Are these people such elitists that they’re incapable of realizing that the American voter can see through them and their darned dog whistles?

Then we have GOPe pundit, Ben Shapiro.  While I have not received a newsletter (to which I…

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