COULD IT BE, that the conservatives who denounce Facebook, and other hosts in favor of using Tweeter, have fallen prey to the Tweeter free speech policy? I myself was banned for nearly a year, … so I really watch what I tweet, and re-tweet, just to stay in touch with my Tweeter only friends.

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Twitter has banned another Conservative.

BE FUNKY screenshot milo yiannopoulis 3 screenshot

Milo Yiannopoulos of editor of Breitbart Tech was permanently banned from Twitter less than a half hour before his before his “Gays for Trump” event was scheduled to begin yesterday.

The move calculated is supposedly in response to allegations that Yiannopoulos went after Black actress, Leslie Jones.

Not true. However, Yiannopoulos did write a scathing review about the movie in which Jones stars (“Ghostbusters”) but then so did 99% of movie critics whose Twitter accounts remain active.

Jones complained that she was receiving hateful tweets and blamed Yiannopoulos.

Twitter is accusing Yiannopoulos of trolling and inciting hate as justification for suspension in spite of the fact that Black Lives Matter, Bill Maher and countless Hollywood loons are themselves guilty of far worse, all of whom are given a pass by the Marxist Twitter squad.

Jones who is biased and sees herself as a…oh wait…

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