COULD IT BE, that we needed to get out of the UN and the UN outta US? thought so, We need to build our forces not the global forces.

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Just in case you were wondering what is up with the federal government’s war on the nation’s police state. Another fundamental transformation and meaning to “we’re the government and we’re to help” to we are of a One World Government and we are here to help based on NWO ideals. No form of dissent will be tolerated.

United Nations Takeover - Source Activist Post Brandon TurbevilleActivist Post by Brandon Turbeville

In yet another step towards the establishment of a world military force that seeks peace through the absence of dissent, the United States announced its support in May for a set of principles that will allow the United Nations’ peacekeeping troops and UN police to use force in order to “protect civilians” in combat zones and areas of armed conflict.

U.S. Ambassador the U.N. and notorious warmonger against Libya and Syria, Samantha Power stated that the Kigali Principles would “make peacekeeping missions more effective, improve security and save…

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