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nomadruss in words and photos

You haven’t heard of Kasha-Katuwe. I hadn’t either. I learned about it from an off-hand comment from a young woman I’d rescued at White Sands. She came running down the sand dunes waving her arms, completely turned around in the vast whiteness. As I drove her back to her vehicle she mentioned going there next and showed me a photograph. I couldn’t believe I’d not heard of it, with the park being so close to Santa Fe. I’d passed this way on previous road trips, having seen both Santa Fe and Taos, and thought, I’ll see something new on this trip through.

Tribal Rd 92

I decided to drive the back roads as I am wont to do, which led me through the Kewa Pueblo and up to Pueblo de Cochiti. Kashe-Katuwe was deep in native lands. It’s another park that has restricted opening and closing, apparently some kids from Albuquerque began to…

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