COULD IT BE, that if (no Obama chance) the FBI recommends prosecution, she will have to give the Clinton money back?

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Breitbart News by Joel B. Pollak

BE FUNKY screenshot Loretta Lynch Jonathan Capehart Aspen Ideas Festival

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is reportedly planning to defer to the FBI in deciding whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information, corruption, and other potential transgressions.

The move, responding to bipartisan criticism of Lynch’s private meeting with former president Bill Clinton earlier this week, is being described by some sources as a recusal. However, it is not.

Lynch retains control of the case, effectively. She has merely, according to reports, decided whose recommendation to follow in making a decision — and has not formally ceded the power to decide. It is a non-recusal recusal.

All Lynch’s move actually does is punt the political responsibility for the decision to the FBI. Though the FBI prides itself on its professionalism and independence, there is no guarantee that it, too, will not be subject to political pressures, or agendas from within and without…

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