Socialism simply does not work, try what you may, with calling it a union…. a global socialist union means you lose your soverignty

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The British voters have spoken and New World Order elitists are mourning today in addition to their doubling down on the fear mongering.

Washington Examiner by Joseph Lawler

British voters chose Thursday to leave the European Union, a decision that could undermine global growth, upend world politics and create volatility in markets worldwide including the United States.

Officials in the U.S. government, and at the Federal Reserve in particular, will be weighing options for responding to any possible turbulence that might result from the “Brexit” vote, a historic development that could reshape global affairs.

Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen warned earlier this week that “the financial market reaction to the uncertainties that would be unleashed by that decision could result in a kind of risk-off sentiment” that could, among other consequences, push up the dollar and lead to falling stock prices[…]

Continue Reading — Brexit: Britain Votes To Leave EU


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