Thanks for the great information…

Don Charisma

REALLY ? SERIOUSLY ? You wasted both our time by posting a comment on my about page, for that ?

Look I don’t need to know if you unfollowed me, I’m not petty about it, we’re grown ups not kids playing school-yard games. WordPress isn’t a dating site, either !

If you want to unfollow then just do it, I honestly don’t keep track, I don’t keep scores, I bottom line don’t care.

Why ? There are more than 65,000,000 blogs on WordPress, bound to be some others that like me enough to follow me !

MOVING ON … about once a month or so I have a clear out, I do unfollow blogs that are no longer following me, and I do follow back *ALL* bloggers that follow me. All as part of the same process.

The process takes me 3-4 hours, there are one thousand, one hundred and…

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