Oprah Endorses Trump for President

Just when he could use a popular black woman, maybe now I will watch her show, (I stopped when she stumped for Obama and buddied with Michelle…  This has to be a fake article…  she loves the Obama’s too much…

I Heart America


trump oprah

Scratch my feathers, I feel a little tickle! Oprah Winfrey just endorsed the Trump!  Hey, Y’all that’s BIG!  She states that she believes Donald Trump will be the best president that she ever saw in her lifetime!  Hey, Y’ALL that’s BIG!  That’s HUGE!  You know for Oprah to come out and endorse Donald Trump that she knows the country’s going to hell from the establishment.  I’m feeling embellished. Yes, my children there is a God and he isn’t finished with Donald Trump! He doesn’t care what the establishment says!   I think they just got FIRED!  Let’s all say it together! “You’re Fired!”  I have to say that felt good for the moment!  Can we do it again? Keep saying it, and believing it!

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