Go Figure…. Fox News the “Fair and Balanced” is actually getting rid of all the hosts who are not with the establishment…

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screenshot andrea tantaros

Andrea Tantaros speaks her mind and it might be that tendency that now has her abruptly removed from Fox cable news. She was on Outnumbered Monday and that was the last she has been seen with Newser reporting that there were problems with her contract.

If it is about her contract, it could relate to how she promoted her new book.

According to TVNewser, Fox News is saying that “issues have arisen regarding Andrea’s contract” and so while she is still under contract, “Fox News Channel has determined it best that she take some time off.”

This comes just a day after Tantaros’ new book, Tied Up in Knots, was released by HarperCollins.

There are rumors that Karl Rove and Dana Perino don’t want her contract renewed….

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