Lets hope and pray for this girl, but more so that England can continue to recover their justice system against the Sharia law, Germany might be too far gone, with the current socialist PM… The United States is blindly or simply with careless abandonment racing down the Sharia slippery slope … Heaven forbid we offend a Muslim…

sharia unveiled

Little Girl - Rape - Help me 1

by, Jenny Loweth | Telegraph and Argus | h/t Gary Jonathan

A judge has lifted an order banning the identification of a paedophile who was knifed in the heart by his teenage victim.

Zabhullah Boota, the father of two young children, was found guilty of sexual assault and inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity in November 2010.

He was sentenced to a community order for abusing the young girl and allowed to return to his Bradford home in the neighbourhood where she still lived.

In October 2011, the Telegraph & Argus reported how the victim’s mother was “sickened” that Boota was still living in the same area, nearly a year after his conviction.

At the time she said: “Her [the victim] innocence was taken away. She doesn’t trust any adults, and a child shouldn’t feel that way.”

Yesterday, the girl whose life Boota destroyed was spared a custodial sentence for attacking him.


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