Glenn Beck to NPR: Donald Trump is not a Conservative

Beck is absolutely delusional to think that we need to have him qualify anyone or anything … the man is a disappointment to what he started at Fox News…

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BE FUNKY GLENN BECKThis past Saturday, the narcissist Glenn Beck did a radio interview with NPR’s Scott Simon during which Beck stated that Donald Trump is not a Conservative.

Beck who feels that he has the right to speak for all Conservatives has been on a roll of late.


Beck acknowledged that he has a lot of listeners who believe he is wrong about Trump, but Beck insisted, ‘it’s hard to say you espouse conservative principals and small-government principals when you are saying that you think [the] Canadian health care system works and is wonderful.’

When asked if Trump, who is leading in every state and national poll, is ‘right or wrong on immigration,’ Beck, who used the border crisis as an opportunity to bash conservatives, simply replied that he did not believe that Trump was ‘anti-immigrant or anti-Mexican or [anti] Hispanic in any way….’

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Simon also asked

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