Report: George W. Bush Says Ted Cruz ‘Hijacked’ the GOP, Would Be ‘Formidable’ Competition to Jeb

Donald, Ted, and Ben have the establishment pitching any RINO to save the ship… The Bush clan are some of the worst RINOs … but still not as much as McCain, Ryan, and McConnell …

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BEFUNKY George Bush Jeb Bush

Because the last name Bush could prove a liability and distraction to Jeb Bush’s presidential candidacy, brother George W. Bush declared last spring that he would stay out of the fray surrounding the 2016 elections, i.e., until this past weekend when the former president criticized 2016 Republican Party presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump before a room full of donors.

While one might expect that Donald Trump with his never ending attacks on Jeb Bush, the latest pouncing of which is that 911 occurred on GWB’s watch that Trump would be number one on GWB’s hit list (if GWB had a hit list. Instead, GWB sees Senator Ted Cruz as the bigger threat to brother Jeb’s path to the White House.

Breitbart by Katie McHugh

Former Republican president George W. Bush told donors that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is his brother Jeb Bush’s most ‘formidable’ opponent in the…

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