Great post… for our time has yet to come, is where we are now and not let the world deceive us with a strong delusion.

One thought on “Day of Christ

  1. There is so much focus and angst on the ‘end times’ in the Christian world today and I know why. However, the end times began when He ascended into the Heavens and nothing more is required of us in 2016 than of believers on that day. None of us know the exact day or hour and we must do as Christians have always done, trust and obey as we promote the gospel. I think we are losing the focus of our mission for fear of what’s happening in the world. That spirit doesn’t come from God.

    What this scripture says to me is I shouldn’t worry about all that is happening, it is meant to be. The world is melting in fear but I am to continue in faith.


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