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Christian Family Murdered in Alexandria, Egypt

Investigators inspect the apartment of a Syrian Christian family stabbed to death in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. (Photo courtesy of: al-Masry al-Youm)

6-Year-old Girl Found Stabbed to Death by Muslims

by, Dalit Halevy | Arutz Sheva 7

ALEXANDRIA, Egypr: Four members of a Christian family of Syrian origin living inAlexandria, Egypt, were stabbed to death Monday. A man was seen walking out of their apartment holding a black plastic bag.

The father of the family, 44, who was employed in one of Sharm el-Sheikh’s hotels, was found stabbed in the stomach, the chest and the shoulder. His 35-year-old wife was stabbed in the neck, and so was the husband’s 43-year-old sister. Their six-year-old daughter was also found murdered.

The attackers started a fire in the kitchen, in an apparent attempt to set the entire apartment aflame and destroy evidence.

The large Christian community in Egypt, which numbers about 10 million people, has…

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