Great Post.. We need to step up our spiritual inclusion in our reading … and this is well worth the time…


Itching is a maddening type of pain and pain can cause a person to reach for anything that promises relief; even poison. Many believers and non-believers these days are driven wild by an epidemic of itching ears and a plethora of hucksters have appeared in response, offering relief; selling snake oil that relieves the itch but also, produces deadly side-effects. I’m not talking of course, about physical itching but spiritual. Many people today are tired of hearing the same old things they’ve heard before regardless, of whether or not they know that those same old things are true. This is a new century, peopled by those who want and desire everything new and regard everything old as garbage. Ghetto they call it and they’ve decided that Biblical teaching is also, ghettto. They miss the point that truly, there is nothing new under the sun, when it comes to the behavior…

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