Why did they not mention, Paris (France) has in place one of the worlds most restrictions on guns.. Gun Control like Britton has no effect on the bad guys. and the gun runners just keep getting richer. With the Explosive Vests now they will want to ban fabric, … give me a break. This is a great post.

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Labeled an assault handgun by the left Labeled an assault handgun by the left

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Was Paris only a “setback” by a “handful” of extremists as Barack Obama said? Is this the time for gun control groups to be demanding we give up our guns? The Violence Policy Center (VPC) suggests the U.S. ban the sale of all “assault weapons” to civilians in the wake of the Paris attack. Hillary is among their most avid supporters. T

hey want “assault pistols” and “assault shotguns” banned as well. Whatever they are. The activists think any gun with a scope or a special handle is an assault weapon.

The term “assault weapons” was invented by Democrats so they can ban a category of guns they don’t like. It’s become an effective political weapon. The “assault weapon” classification is a complete myth[…]

Click Here To Read The Rest of: Infuriating Gun Ban Push With Terrorists…

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