More on the ‘not so’ conservative press. good post and explains a lot on the condition of Fox News, with the exception of perhaps four or five two of which are conservative and three or four are libertarians. Most are progressive, with a half dozen being moderate liberal to racist agitating liberal… and the progressives and liberals control the network, even some of the news feeds.

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The likes of William Bennett, George Will, Bill Kristol, above have become too comfortable in the world of Progressive mainstream media and the trappings attached.

Dare I say that it is time rock the Conservative media boat?

Canada Free Press by Bill Nelson

Ponder this: Why are conservatives such as William Bennett, George Will, Bill Kristol, et al so graciously accepted by the prevailing liberal establishment? Why is there almost a commraderie between today’s prominent conservatives and liberals? It is because today’s conservatives do not challenge the moral premise of statism. Most of today’s conservative leaders are brilliant intellects, but they accept statism’s violation of individual rights and its conveyance of special privileges to a myriad of factions.

Thus, they pose no moral threat to liberalism and are not feared by those who are tyrannizing our lives with omnipresent government. Today’s conservatives are merely a different brand of statist, with their…

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