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 Reposting this, because we may not have a Constitutional Republic for much longer.  Although the President has just over a year, he has things in place that could mean anything could be the flash point of national chaos. 


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UN transforming our world by 2030 with new sustainable development goals.

The establishment elite are working in hyper speed to bring about radical changes nationally and internationally.  At the recent U.N. meeting, the establishment announced their new sustainable development goals to be achieved in less than 15 years from now.  Are you all ready for these radical changes?

These elitists have their agenda all figured out and they need their political puppets in place to carry out their wishes.  When you decode the agenda you see it is very dark and very evil.

Pope Francis is the new point man for the agenda for sustainable development.  At the Recent U.N. talks, the Pope gave his blessing on their new global movement for the benefit of all mankind and encouraged the world to participate in the new U.N. goals to rid poverty. Millions of people are now thinking this is a great thing to do to…

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