Good post, which brings out some of the progressivism of Kelly, in favor of ratings, and in competing with the other progressive Bill O’Reilly … Fox News leaders.

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BEFUNKY screenshotmegynkellydebateBy Little Tboca

Anchors come and go – Fox News, Megyn Kelly of The Kelly File’s ratings is at the top of the totem pole and yet it is difficult to understand why she appeals to many Americans.

Is it her looks, her intelligence, her expertise as a journalist or is it merely the content on her show nightly that intrigues viewers.

Many American viewers seem to look for dirt, immorality and gossip and Kelly knows exactly what type of information intrigues her viewers. Kelly will do whatever it takes to increase her ratings – having honed the art of phony journalism; she unabashedly will use her guests as guinea pigs.

Kelly is still trying to explain away her obnoxious attempt to do a character assassination on Donald Trump. This lady anchor obviously decided to chastise Donald in front of a huge viewing audience. It was all about ratings and…

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