Of course they can’t… and they (not all) well should. Donald is right and calling out the RINO as well as the leftist socialists. (in my heart, they are one and all belonging to the same group.

Cry and Howl

This kind of stuff makes me sick …

Via: Yahoo News

Conservative Super PAC Declares War on Donald Trump

The battle against Donald Trump is ramping up on a new front: Super PACs.

The economic conservative Super PAC “Club for Growth Action” is jumping into the fray, unveiling an Iowa ad buy with two television spots worth more than $1 million. The ads start Thursday in Iowa, both on local television and on Fox News.

The move represents the first major effort by an outside group to bring down the real estate mogul, who is leading in polls nationally and in early states. Jeb’s Super PAC, Right to Rise, will follow with anti-Trump television spots worth more than $20 million in early states.


This Super PAC wants to convince Trump supporters that he “is just another politician” and “he is, in fact, like all of the Washington insiders he…

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