Great post. and that is what I have been saying for over seven years now…

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Screenshot USA Today front page 10012015 Oregon Community College Shooting_Fotor

Activist Post by Truthstream Media

Such a coincidence, right? And the shooter is now dead, too, of course, because as we all know, dead men tell no tales. Wag the Dog, as programmed, like clockwork, top story.

I’ll take it a step further. I wouldn’t be surprised if, as this continues in Syria, suddenly Hurricane Joaquin becomes the next Sandy. Anything to keep Putin and Russia’s airstrikes in Syria against the ISIS terrorists that the U.S. government obviously armed, trained, and funded off the front page news…

I probably should’ve named this video something about puppy dogs and rainbows or cotton candy, that way it won’t get censored just like the other video Aaron put up about Putin’s strikes….

Am I the only who thought to oneself “strategically timed….AGAIN” upon breaking reports of the shootings in Oregon and Barack Obama’s well-rehearsed dog and pony show last evening?

Am I the…

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