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A.M. Croft

The Internet is dark and full of writing advice. Too much advice, at times. Bad advice, at others. But some of it’s great! After 10+ years of writing, I have learned so much from other authors that has changed and improved my writing forever. Today, I’ve decided to share my best advice—along with some of my favorite quotes from writers everywhere—in hopes that it can help inspire you to write, write, write.

1. Read everything. If you see a book, read it. If you can touch it, you should be reading it. Don’t leave a book just sitting there by itself. Read it. Time and time again, successful authors have repeated this advice. Sometimes I wonder how many people actually follow it. Even I don’t read as much as I should (and I have a giant list of books waiting to be read.)

Reading teaches you writing. The more you…

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