In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen

In the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Fourteen

By:  R.S. Helms

 in the year of

Now that the bell has rung out the old year, and brought us a new year what exactly does that mean?  Using a psychology expression, “when a person continues to do the same old things expecting a different outcome; is the definition of crazy!”  To many, that makes a lot of sense, unless you are crazy of course.  The optimist will say, thank God, the year has ended, we get a fresh start, and we have fifty-two weeks of hope and promise; okay, how has that worked out for us since 2009?  Actually, I love to be an optimist, although my writing over the past five years has reflected a pessimistic, angry, old codger and has won me nothing but bad names.

Nonetheless, I keep writing about the injustice that this administration has perpetrated against the freedoms and rights of the people of our great nation.  Keep in mind that most all of the past administrations have had their effect as well, but put them all together, and they would not; reach the level of abuse that this administration has inflicted. 

For myself, and many other citizen journalists, and the infamous “bloggers” and social media writers of the conservative perspective, we will not forget the issues that need resolved, even in the face of political correctness. 

th (3)
Closure needed for all the families, including Mexican Nationals and the people of the USA

Some of the issues are not going to be kicked down the road like an old horse biscuit and eventually forgotten.  Just taking them by the oldest first, “fast and furiest” and the murder of Bryan Terry, plus others along with untold numbers of innocent Mexican nationals just trying to survive the insane evil conditions in their own country.  The latest incident was just before Christmas, the Cartel and Mexican police engaged in a fight, and in the aftermath five dead several wounded and guess what was left at the scene?, right, a weapon from the fast and furiest gunrunning scheme.  What is needed is for Eric Holder and Obama to be held criminally accountable for the criminal act.

Next, we should visit a popular story even today, and as Hillary gears up, it will get more attention; that would be the Benghazi attack and the killing of four Americans, murder if you prefer.  Unlike the New York Times, most Americans do not think it was brought about by a video, and the terrible liberal disregard for personal journalism ethics will not change the facts.  Here again, what is needed is for Hillary Clinton and Obama to be held criminally accountable for the criminal act of gunrunning to Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood partners in the Middle East.

More than a gun-running cover-up
More than a gun-running cover-up

We will learn more on Seal Team Six set-up as that investigation has been adopted by congress.  However, it does sound like someone has finally paid attention to the allegations and may start looking into the matter.

There should be an investigation into several congressional members as to complicity in several issues concerning the conduct of the Executive Branch’s unconstitutional power plays using the regulatory agencies and cabinet for wrongdoing, with other serious scandals.

John McCain, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all 30 – something Czars, Homeland Security, IRS, EPA, NSA, CIA, FBI, NASA, FEMA, TSA, The State Department, Department of Labor, Secretary of the Treasury, Department of Education, Department of Defense.  This is a partial list of individuals, departments, and agencies that are obvious in their collusion in illegal or/and unconstitutional and criminal activities of the Obama administration.


Okay, I am optimistic about this year offering the opportunity for conservatives to begin cleaning up the mess, and repairing our government.  I am optimistic that Americans will get up from their stupor of complacency and actually hold the Democrats and Republicans accountable for their oath of office.  Get rid of

Be careful with your vote, most will not listen after they get this far.
Be careful with your vote, most will not listen after they get this far.

the whole lot who are progressive or politics as usual bureaucrat chums in the beltway club. 

From the alarmist in me, and for some time I have expounded on civil disorder and federal martial law.  Obama promised in 2008 that he would build a “civilian army better equipped and better trained than our military, he meant just that, and it is proving to be a promise kept.  The first thing out of his mouth in the New Year is, “I will spend the rest of my time in office on equality issues.  Watch him close; he is a liar, bully, Marxist, Muslim, illegal alien who will stop at nothing to gain total power over the American people.  What he is saying here is simply, “I will cause the blacks, whites, and Muslims to get so upset, that I will create a manufactured civil unrest crisis, and put the nation under martial law, then elections will be postponed and eliminated, and the president will have total power.  On the other hand, it may not be about his power, but his party’s approval rate at a critical mid-term election, where ObamaCare has nearly guaranteed their not being re-elected and losing congressional seats.  However, hat would not hurt the agenda of the administration; there are too many Rino politicians who will go along with Obama to keep their job, and status in the beltway boyz and girlz club. 

The conspiracy theorist nametag that was put on anyone who even thought about putting one plus one equals two was ridiculed so bad that it became embarrassing; even for those doing the bulling.  No one ever mentioned anything, which could be remotely deemed as conspiracy.  It became such a joke that conspiracy was a comedy routine.  Nonetheless, when issues line up, and the dots are connected it is as plain as the nose on your face, if you have one that is not pushed so far up this liberal Marxist ideology.   

Marxist ideologies are not compatible with the Constitution and Liberty
Marxist ideologies are not compatible with the Constitution and Liberty

The president will attempt to change the rhetoric from Obama care, and the lie, to put in the class warfare, adding the class card, to the race card.  This is simply dividing the race and classes even more, calling names and demonizing Republicans, who thought that going against constitutional conservatives in the Republican Party, would save the Rinos from the wrath of the liberal name-calling.  In fact, it has only showed them as spineless progressives, who are dividing their party.

Nevertheless, we will start out the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen, with more of the same politics with emphasis on anything but ObamaCare, it has started in congress and the press because Obama has decreed it to be.  We are in for a fantastic show of politics, with lies, name calling, leveraging of voting blocs, and more division and lose of liberty. 

Get your popcorn, with plenty of butter, a over-sized drink because this will be a show you have no choice about, but the content of the production promises to amaze even the most open minded liberal.  It has a cast of millions, as all the special interest groups weigh in with a perspective of their own.

This should be an entertaining year
This should be an entertaining year


All for what?  The outcome will be either good for our nation or just bring us closer to a socialist nation.  So enjoy it however, you want to that may not be a freedom you have after the next one.  The reason I say this is that if Obama is not stopped now, Hillary will pick it up and run it in for the winning score. 

Enjoy your popcorn.  Educate yourself, become informed of the truth, get some backbone and go vote for our constitution, our liberty, our nation.

Best Dramatic Comedy
Best Dramatic Comedy

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