Santa Claus and Jesus … White or Black

The latest viral episode from the left (liberal cool-aid drinking anti-American), RACE BAITERS, has come from a no brainer remark by one of the embattled Fox News commentators, Megan Kelly, about Santa Claus and Jesus being white. Let me clarify my position on Megan Kelly, I stopped watching her and most of Fox News because they are not actually what they say they are and do their part to promote the liberal position. In other words, I am no fan of Megan or Fox News, and I am not defending her statement because someone is attacking an idol.

One would have to go back and look at that segment in its entirety, to understand that she was not making a racial comment but just doing her job of attempting to get the two views from the hard opinions of the panel. Nonetheless, the RACE BAITERS jumped on her statement of Santa Claus being white, little was first put on Jesus being white, because he was not white. However, double checked, and triple checked myself, with a simple research concerning Santa Claus first; he was white if we trace his roots back to around 280 AD,, and the original Santa Claus, St. Nicholas.

Over the centuries St. Nicholas, the origin of the “mythical” little fat and jolly fellow known as “Santa Claus”, we find that indeed, he was white, and that is the color that has followed him through the cultural evolution. St. Nicholas was a Greek, Roman Catholic Bishop of Myra, present day Hungry. The evolution to the present day Santa Claus (originally Dutch “sinterklass” as interpretation for St. Nicholas), was not simply an American invention, but cultures of the world over the centuries.

The whole thing started with the comment by Kelly’s guest Alsha Harris, who commented, it is time to change the color of Santa Claus … and Kelly was right; just because Santa Claus being white offends you doesn’t mean it has to change … I agree.

As for the color of Jesus, Jesus was Jewish, and unfortunately, Kodak color film was not around, so we do not know of what shade of olive He was. Moreover, the Jesus of my Bible does not tell me, it does not say white, nor does it say black!

My Jesus is of actually no color, because He died for the sins of the world every person … big, small, little children, rich poor, fat, skinny, black, white, red, brown, or olive, and all shades in-between if color of skin was not important to Him, why should His skin color make any difference be to us. Nuff said.

Thanks … R.S. Helms