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Wycliffe Un-holy bible
Remove the ‘Son of God’ you Remove ‘Holy


Most Christians hold fast to the authority of the Bible.

Sound and basic Christian theology teaches, the Bible is God’s “specific and special revelation” one of the two means God reveals himself to mankind, the other being “general revelation” in which God reveals himself through nature, or the natural order of all that exists.

Special revelation was necessary because of the human’s sinful state, or human nature after the fall from a holy nature through disobedience of just one law or command.

The proper view of the Bible is it is “God breathed” which means God breathed out, not into, it is the divine product of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, upon human beings writing in their own styles and personalities, we may call it the superintending by the Holy Spirit, over the human writers.

Giving them perfect recall of every detail, rendering them Devine authority and trustworthiness, and by possessing Devine authority and trustworthiness, the scriptures are free from error.

I do not recall any scripture that gives man the authority to change the word of God.  We can change words, to make them more understandable in various languages, including modern English, but not the meaning, or context.

I do not recall any authority given to man to omit words, (especially the attributes of God and God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit), as to not offend a non-believer, or believer.

Jesus is the Son of God, period end of argument, he is not just a good man and perhaps a prophet, Jesus is the one who saves, because He has the authority to do so.  The foundation of the faith is … “Saved by Grace (unwarranted love), THROUGH FAITH IN JESUS.”  How is the Holy Spirit supposed to facilitate the first measure of faith that we my first believe, and have faith in Jesus?… if we do not know who He is and what work He completed when he said “it is finished”?

While yet an unbeliever, dead in my sins, the truth of the gospel offended me.  Why would that offend?… because I was not willing to hear the truth.  So we say because it is dangerous for our missionaries in Muslim countries, and we do not want to offend them.

Well it has always been dangerous for missionaries, many have died because of their witness, and if God has really put the call on the individual to be a missionary especially going to a hostile country, they know the risk, and still they go.  The ones who accept Christ really have Him, because the Holy Spirit convicted them of the truth and it was in their hearts.  Not by the contrivance of a used car salesman are they saved.

There is no greater disservice of the witness of God to allow someone to think that they are saved.  In addition, altering the Word of God does just that, a person is not saved by a half-truth, which in my book is a lie, but “know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

What Wycliffe Bible is doing is, in my studied opinion, wrong, they are taking away one of the important aspects of preaching the gospel, and witness strong attributes given in the Bible and that is to witness of Jesus Christ with BOLDNESS, which would indicate … without fear.

Part of your witness as a Christian is conviction of who Jesus is, put in your heart and mind by the Holy Spirit, why would you think that the early Christian witness’ were successful and even put to death, because they did not have the understanding of death?

What they did was because they were stupid?  No!  They did it because they knew the truth, believed it, and shared it in the face of death and at that time there was not a country, even Israel where they were safe from death!  There will come a time, and I fear it is not long, that to witness in this country with the truth of the word, will be in the faith of death.

Already liberal theology and liberation theology, where the end justifies the means, has removed the authority of the Scripture, and cast doubt on the gospel of Jesus.  To the point that the weak in the faith have caved in to the social demonization of Christianity, and our government has seen fit on placing evangelical Christians on the top of the terrorist organizations watch list, the US military is purging Christians from its ranks and making court-martial procedures to prosecute Christians for sharing their faith .

Nevertheless, I guess it is my choice to buy a Bible that is published by those who think they can withhold the truth from a Muslim, to have confidence that they are not going to alter the word of God to appease the social order.

Alternatively, I can choose to buy from a publisher and editor that stands firm on the truth.  Call it an antiquated fairytale, if you wish.  However, I guess it just what you think the truth is and what authority it has in the lives of true Christians.  More so and most importantly is the truth about the deity of Jesus in the true salvation experience of a person.

I don’t call for a Christian boycott on Wycliffe Bibles, nor do I condemn the World Evangelical Alliance, nor their effort to promote the Wycliffe Bibles.  Nonetheless, I encourage my brothers and sisters in the faith to consider how and if ever to support their causes and for sure do not use the Wycliffe Bible (any version) because if they have infringed on the truth, for any reason, then their whole work must be brought into suspect and doubt.

This is my opinion and I have made it because it is something that needs to be said.  Remember “we are not of this world” we are in it but actually just passing through.  Nonetheless, we must be aware of the world and who controls the world, God provided us a place that we can live free, now evil has us just another part of the world, a world where lies, simply justify the end.

For salvation to be effective in the individual heart, the heart is where it must be and should a soul not believe that Jesus is other than the Son of God, in my opinion, genuine salvation don’t take place.  Isaiah cannot save me, and he was a great profit, David cannot save me and he was a great king, only Jesus, the Son of God, can save me.

Bob Helms