Where is the Church

The church is not an antiquated myth


Where is the Christian Church?


Has the church lost its influence in America?  I for one do not believe it has, it may be somewhat misplaced, but that may be God’s plan to prune some of the ‘dead wood’ from the tree.  Several denominations have declared their progressive politically correct liberal views.  Many Christians today simply do not use the word “sin” or admit there is such a thing.

The liberals have set the talking points, demonizing Christianity to the point that it is embarrassing to hear the stupidity pouring from their mouths, or in most cases written across a comment space after a story.  If you don’t believe that just visit my e-mail or view a comment section of a Christian story.  The loss of values in this nation is linked or is a result of the assault on faith in Jesus. 

Liberals have provided a platform for all types of special interest (sin) groups and the Atheist, to promote the anti-Christian rhetoric and promoting “don’t force your faith on me” on plain everyday morality which is needed in order for mankind to live together on the same planet; limited as that may be.

Nonetheless, the agenda takes on the appearance of we need to remove the moral objection before we can advance our chosen sin (lifestyle).  In order to remove any morality, we fist must tie it to religion, (that is quite easy), and either downplay religion or make it an antiquated myth and roadblock to human global progress.  Reality or religion would become the issues concerning lifestyle preferences in what we wear, eat, watch, read, drive, build, and the way we live our lives, it is the individual preference not based on a religious ‘fairytale’ about sin and moral obligation. 

Division within the Christian community is a necessity in order to remove moral values from our moral society.  Moral values was synonymous with the Christian walk and a Christian characteristic, however, it is not unique to the Judeo-Christian community, (regardless of what liberalism has made it), moral value comes from our human nature of knowing right from wrong.  Primitive cultures have demonstrated moral values, (some a lack of value), value of life and death, protecting and nurturing, and placing within any given community laws or principals that regulated how that community would live and interact with each other.

The Bible teaches us in the book of Genesis third chapter verses 8—11; of course, after Adam ate of the fruit offered to him by Eve their eyes were opened and they, (for the first time), knew they were naked.  They sewed fig leaves together to hide their nakedness, when God came to visit and walk in the evening coolness of the garden, they heard and hid from God.  God, (I believe He knew where they were), called out to Adam several times, then Adam said we are here.  God knew what had happened, and quizzed them; why are you hiding?  Adam replied because we are naked.  “Who told you, you were naked?”  Then He asks about the fruit and the tree in the midst of the garden?  Adam then invented the “BLAME GAME”, “it was the woman you gave me.”  Notice, Adam had it down, blamed the woman, and at the same time laid some of the blame on God, for giving him the woman.  Of course, all this is my paraphrase, but read the verses. 

Now let us see how much man has changed, (especially in politics), a lie, (deception), originates with Satan, human nature just carries it out.  When the truth is ready to be exposed the liar goes into either the stupid mode, (I did not know that oral sex was the same as having sex), or from today, the blame mode, (“not all of you will feel the effects of the sequester”).  Then points the finger of blame to someone else, with the audacity to think everyone will be so stupid as to believe him.

Where is the expected values and moral character of the participants in either story?  With Adam, they vanished with a single bite of forbidden fruit.  With the politician, moral values disappeared when they chose to go for the power and money; perhaps reelection and support for an agenda gone badly.  Perhaps they do not consider lying as being wrong and the end will justify the means. 

Over the past four or five decades, Christianity has been under attack, mocked, scorned, and demonized; so too has the moral values which helped form the foundation of this nation.  Honesty is no longer a virtue unless caught in a big fat lie; honesty is not being taught in our schools, cheating is okay under the right circumstance.  Moral values are not being taught, birth control  has taken its place and where some type of moral value is policy in a public school, the value of human life has been on a downhill slide since Roe vs. Wade.  ACLU sues the school for implementing Christian principals.  If not the ACLU, Al Sharpton will protest and sue over racial discrimination, claiming the school is targeting the impoverished blacks. 

CHURCH, WAKE UP!  Do you not think that the liberals have beaten you down for far too long?  It is the only way, to restore some sort of values and principles to our culture and society! 

CHURCH, WAKE UP!  Do not continue to allow the liberal politicians and liberal theologians to distort and take away Christianity from factual history in the founding of this nation, our constitution, our moral values and principles that made America great!

CHURCH, WAKE UP!  We have been bullied and beat down like a bunch of lily livered wimps who will just “turn the other cheek” and not stand firm defending our faith and way of life.

CHURCH, WAKE UP!  Christianity has been severely divided, to the point of some denominations adopting liberal theology at the cost of the absoluteness of the word of God, (the Bible), and teach “other doctrines of man.”  The first few chapters of the book of Revelations should serve as a warning to them, as well as to us.  Trust in God, He can turn this around.  Nonetheless, He requires action from us as individual believers, so get your head out of the sand, get up from the couch, let your voice be heard or we have no one to blame except our own apathy and failure!

The Church is not an antiquated myth


Bob Helms, Pastor retired. 

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