So you think Trump wants to get rid of the Fed?

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Yes he does. The Federal Reserve System is collapsing due to the inherent instability of a monetary system, not based on gold & silver, but on the Fed’s “right” to create “money” out of thin air 1 which it then lends to the US Treasury (and is added to the national debt), 2 in order to fund the federal government’s massive, grotesquely unconstitutional, and out of control spending.

This process of allowing the Fed to create “money” out of thin air with nothing behind it has been going on since 1933, when the promise (set forth in §16 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) to redeem Federal Reserve Notes in gold was revoked as to domestic holders; 3 and culminated during 1971, when redemption of the Notes in gold to international holders was also suspended.4

Once the statutory promise to back Federal Reserve…

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Ex-CIA Officer Goes Rogue, Says Trump Should Get CIA Investigated by Senate

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It is high time that the Senate starts to investigate the Shadow Government, and a good place to start is with the Intelligence community … then perhaps we can stop this cold civil war coup before it explodes into a violent clash.



A former CIA officer encouraged Trump to solicit the Senate to investigate the agency based on the conduct of the Ukraine call whistleblower.

Source: Ex-CIA Officer Goes Rogue, Says Trump Should Get CIA Investigated by Senate