The 4th of July.

The 4th of July (2012)


By: R.S. Helms

The day started out like most holidays, a bit of extra time in bed, then in most households, the breakfast was a hit and miss, after all, it was a holiday and dad would be getting the grill ready, mom would be getting things ready for the grill, and the side dishes to go with grilled hamburger and franks.  Some homes would be getting ready for the trip to a relative’s house for more of a reunion than a celebration in remembrance of our great nation.

Then some households would be simply enjoying a day off and a grilled steak with some friends.  Watching a sporting event on the wide-screen TV, thinking it is a break from the normal hassle of the job, (if they have one), or  political arguments on the TV, and after all, this whole thing of celebrating a history founded on tax protest, war, and individual freedom is so irrelevant to our modern lifestyle and new culture.

What has happened to the 4th of July, and why is it celebrated differently in various parts of the country?  Should it matter if we live in a large sprawling metropolis, or more of a rural setting?  Maybe a smaller city, or a good-sized town, where there is more of a mix in culture and there is something for everyone, and where the fireworks after dark are the only thing enjoyed by most of the whole mix.

From an e-magazine I receive through email, there was a cartoon depicting a crowd at a big fireworks display, and a boy was asking his father, “What are we celebrating father?”  “I have no idea” was the father’s reply.

Have we progressed right through our heritage?  It does seem that we have out grown the need for individual integrity, and integrity in government.  Are we simply celebrating something out of redundancy, because we grew up celebrating the 4thof July?  After all, in the heated race to get somewhere not known to us, our government has done its best to erase our heritage, integrity, and some of our freedoms.  Some schools will send a student home for displaying the flag on their clothing, and it is no longer required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  They are attempting to re-write the history text books, doing away with history, except recent history.  So it is no wonder that a young father would reply “I have no idea,” simply because it may not be in the agenda of political correctness.

With that question already posed, we need ask ourselves; why do I celebrate the 4th of July?  Hopefully, you are one of the patriots who still feel proud of our nation, and our heritage.