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R.S. Helms… 7-4-2017 post


I am putting the finishing pages to my book manuscript, and it impressed me to put most of the Christian moral issues at the end of my book, that way my focus can be better applied to the subject material.  The political issues and timeline was kept at the front, and it was a battle to stay focused on political issues starting with the founding fathers, the political parties and ideologies, that was mostly research, however, where the two, Politics and Religion met in the middle, was a whole different thing; focus was out the window beginning with the party primaries, especially the GOP.

The book, as I have mentioned in prior posts, was started over a year ago and was to be completed prior to the 2016 presidential vote, and was to be a tool to prompt the people to do their research on candidates and become an informed and involved voter.  Well so much for well-intended plans, but it does not change the subject content of the book.  As a matter of fact, it has become more of a tool to hopefully prod the American people to get informed through their own research and not simply by what the mainstream media, or celebrity writer tells you.  You, by necessity, must dig deep to uncover the truth, whether it is about your Christian (or spiritual life), or about your politics; both are critically entwined and are directly involved continuously in our journey through this life.

In the twilight years of our life these genres, (Politics and Religion), become of more interest to the individual, perhaps because of how each personally affect us and our well-being.  And our experiences of life reveal just how the younger generations seem so out of touch with future realities.  It is the younger generation’s seemingly lack earnest consideration of ideologies might weigh in the outcome of the ever influential “trends” that plague mankind.

Liberalism knows no restraint or respect of any limitations.  It has a cause and will do anything at any time to achieve the purpose of the cause.  Liberalism has been a large contributor to the present age of conspiracy, and was the origin of demonizing the word conspiracy; bringing the word itself into open ridicule by anyone who seeks any connecting of truth and fact to finalize the intent of any organization or group. Except of course, when they use conspiracy to demean or disrupt a conservative movement.

Liberals use “conspiracy theorist” as a weapon against anyone seeking the true motivations of groups who are engaged in violent and non-violent bullying tactics to silence the voice of opposition through ridicule and defamation.  Liberalism now is one of the worst threats to the security, and well-being of our nation as a sovereign independent and Christian nation.

We have started our great celebration of independence the infamous Fourth of July weekend, where the BBQ grills will be cranking out hotdogs, hamburgers, and steaks.  Family chefs will be producing tons of potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, iced tea, lemonade, and cool-aid, beer will be consumed by the thousands of gallons, and tons of iced watermelon will be consumed. Then when night falls, the fireworks start, in every town and burg, (some cities have outlawed them this year), in opposition to the Trump “Make America Great Again,” but that won’t stop some individuals from using them.

It will not just be the conservatives who celebrate the long weekend, liberals will be just as celebrant as anyone, even though they will use the time to protest against the nation, our flag, and our American way of life.  Nonetheless, the true heart of America is exposed when liberals and conservatives drop all the hype of our troubled politics and nation; when a true crisis or disaster hits, the Americans show their grit and come together to help their neighbors, they unite and give all to help fix what is broken.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have been called that many times.  It used to bother me, call me a Bible thumping evangelical, that I will wear it as a badge of honor, or perhaps, an old whitey a cracker, an intolerant bigot, racist, these I still have a bit of a problem with, however, I have an issue with anger as it is.  Therefore, I will continue to connect the dots in my research and investigate the connections in relationship to the overall liberal agenda; in politics, religion, and the destruction of the greatest nation that has ever existed in the history of our planet.

I don’t think we should worry about keeping up with the other nations of the world at our demise, or even in our risk of becoming like everyone else, that is not advancement it is demotion as a global leader.  And as for Christianity, I will not compromise the faith, our biblical doctrines, and our belief in the authority of the Word of God, as the standard by which all things are to be tested; including liberal Christian theology, and worldly ideologies.

In closing, I would like to introduce into the mix something else that most conservatives have as a trait, void in liberalism, and that is: “Common Sense” … it that thing which is the result of mixing 1/3rd knowledge, and 2/3rd wisdom, give a person common sense, and that applied to any given situational debate is what reveals the right and the wrong solution to the issue.  Therefore, for the Christian to come to the right judgement of an issue, is first prayer, involve God – He don’t mind – as a matter of fact He loves to be involved in all of our issues, Prayer is us inviting God to help us reach the right conclusion the right action; then we must research the issue, and lay bare the meat of the issue, research and investigate the people who are pushing the issue, and test the issue with Scripture and pray for the intent of the issue to be exposed, apply common sense, and research the possible future outcome..  Make your own mind up employing the communion with God asking for the peace only he can provide about your decision or action.

Today is the Fourth of July, celebrating the 241st year of our independence from Great Britain, and although not a perfect nation as far as our history goes, but a nation with the greatest Constitution and amendments (Bill of Rights), through our history we have managed as a nation to pull together and overcome the sad things, continuing in our freedoms.

Nonetheless, our nation finds itself in a far worse situation than it has had to face thus far, simply because there is more of us and more seriously diversified issues, because, in the normal course of growing, we have failed to keep our eye on our independence and the meaning of freedom, instead, we have allowed our values, and our heritage to be taken away, mostly by trendy activists, and our over-stuffed bureaucracy, which has been fined tuned with radical liberalism who’s agenda is “global citizenry and global socialism.

Here where a radical liberal trendy group of individuals have not only been able to embarrass themselves but our nation, liberalism has taken the intent of the Constitution that all are created equal, and through liberal power mongering politicians created a Constitutional crisis, where the “civil liberties” of one group can usurp the Constitutional rights of another.  Where the “shadow government” (liberal bureaucracy), have deemed it necessary to delete our history and heritage, or allow it to be used as a weapon against our citizens.

A land where we are not free, and the brave are made out to be evil, where the law is no longer respected and obeyed by the liberals, but used against the citizens who are still “clinging onto our Bibles and our guns” and as one presidential candidate, (Barrack Hussein Obama), coined the phrase in 2007, (or about that time).  a nation where the radical liberals have created a new Democratic Party, and along with that the whole of the Democratic Congress, has created a new “acceptable speech ideology called political correctness.  This determines what is “Hate Speech” by who is using it.

The acceleration of destruction has become more than apparent over the terms of the past four presidents, beginning with George HW Bush, through Barrack Hussein Obama, escalating at a greater speed with the presidencies of Bill Clinton, and Barrack Hussein Obama; Obama being the worst in the history of the United States.

Over the past eight years, this nation has become more lawless and more divided, on every front, over every issue than in the history of our nation.  Two of the hardest wars a nation can suffer is a civil war, and a religious war, our civil war was fought in the middle of the nineteenth century, and it is still being fought activists on each side, the actual religious war started with the election of Barrack Hussein Obama, and is still in its early stages.  It is a war with Islam, a real war the shadow government will not recognize as a war, but water it down to a war on terrorism, yet relocate millions of enemy refugees across the nation, and the war on illegal aliens, is one that should have never been, except for Barrack Hussein Obama.

We are fighting a war against the liberal destruction of our economy and Christianity, we are fighting a gender war fueled by the liberal war on Christianity, we are fighting an internal liberal Christianity war against conservative Christianity, we are fighting a war against the moral values and principals which made this country great; we are fighting a war against the destruction of our Constitution; spending trillions of dollars to shatter the nation and send it further down the dark hole of liberal socialism and Marxism.

America, it is time – far past the time to put a stop to this madness, we must tap into our moral fortitude and put an end to the on-slot of liberalism and the “Global Socialist Union” and think about what freedom really means to you and to me.  We must defeat the liberal “Shadow Government” that is working for the U.N., and take our country back. With the European Union, as a crystal ball to see our short-term or near future, we must fight liberalism from all aspects.  I would suggest the eradication of liberalism and globalization but that may be too harsh even for some of our conservative and Christian friends.

We need to metaphorically take up arms and see to it that our liberal congress and liberal shadow government is replaced, that includes all establishment RINOs, put any liberal and RINO involved in the shadow government on trial and put them in jail for conspiracy to incite sedition and treason, enforce our laws, both on the national level and the municipal level. Secure our borders, and deport all illegal aliens with no amnesty, no alien dreamer rights, if they want to be with their babies – take their babies with them when they are deported; they all need to stand in line like everyone before them.  We The People, must move Islam and Muslim beyond religion, and make it a religious state; like Israel and the Jewish Faith.

No more sanctuary cities, states, and non-compliance with federal laws, in such cases the Governors and Mayors should go on trial and be locked up as not complying with federal laws.  Any university, college, and school district that does not comply with federal law, or continues to encourage students and faculty to riot or block access to conservative points of view, to be defunded until they comply, (just as they did with the desegregation laws), if necessary, send in the National Guard to keep the peace.  I mentioned metaphorically speaking to “take up arms” … that is Metaphorically, until the actual “take up arms.” becomes a reality.  Conservatives are the Majority, 38% to 23% and those hiding behind moderate need to make up their minds as there is really no sitting on the fence in the issue of making America Great Again; for all Americans, and that is our rights and freedoms.  A democracy is the majority rules, and we need to keep it that way.


Thanks for your support

R.S. Helms


Standing Up For The USA

Operation Expose


I don’t know about you but for me I am going to not repost all this crap against trump like we are trying harder to defend Trump who really can handle himself.  What the Trump supporters need to do is focusing our energy in an all-out attack campaign against the visible Democrats, and personally against Obama, and his shadow government, Soros, as the most important financial supporter of the shield groups, individuals in the press, and like Shepard Smith, and the hacks that are always running their mouths on the MSM including Fox News.  Individuals in congress, like McCain, McConnell, Graham, Ryan, and the Democratic leadership, individual Muslim Activists, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Liberal politicians on the state level and all establishment supporters.  We Elected Donald Trump, so now is no time to stick your head in the sand. No, it is time to stand up and let America Know who we are.  Those of us who are willing to fight the fight over the internet to start with.  One thing I did when I joined the Army in 1958 was to take an oath, and as far as I can tell that oath did not have an expiration date.

I hope I can get some support from my friends on FB, Tweeter, and those who read my blog, to start pushing back when they open their mouths, not the paid protesters, they destroy themselves, but like I stated above the leaders, financiers, organizers, and the Obama Shadow Government, all of which are tied to or committing sedition at the least, if not treason against the United States.  Thinking they are above the law, or privileged because they are a celebrity or politician.

To me, all those who are opposed to Trump are opposed to the United States being a sovereign nation, and opposed to being strong, and secure.  They have had their ‘above the law attacks on the United States, and it is time they all be called out on their attempt to intimidate Americans into silence while they destroy us.

We need to expose those leaders and organizers who would do harm to our nation and ANY citizen or the constitution.  To be real honest, it is my studied opinion that FDR and the charter for the United Nations we have been speeding towards a socialist union, however, over the past four presidents we have accelerated that process, to the point that 40% of the citizens have been brainwashed to the point that they march dressed up like a giant vagina with their pink vagina hats, talking like gutter trash, really? they shame themselves.  Delusional about some sort of fairytale land of utopia, and folks you can’t make up some of the stuff they are doing.

But the ones I want, are their leaders, and two are in my immediate range… McCain, and Obama.  They are traitors and need to be exposed and made accountable for what they do.  Soros is in trouble from several countries and here at home for voter fraud and election manipulation, major league.

Nevertheless, if there is ten ways to overthrow the United States there is at least ten ways to stop it.  but one thing, one advantage the liberals have over us is their willingness and their bravery to keep the conservatives cowering in a dark corner.  We have the numbers, the power, political power, and true smarts to put a hard stop to it all, we most of all have a law and order president who will have our backs.

Over this past election cycle, I have noticed my friends on the internet, engaged in action that the left, and anti-Americans want us to engage in, and they lead us around like the Pied Piper going yippy skippy through the Daffodils.  We have reduced ourselves to gutter bottom feeding language and spins, that are useless, but take care of some of the frustrations that I am sure we all have in common. But worse of all we have allowed political correctness to be used as a weapon against us.  Problem is, classless profanities really just helps them make their same point time and time again.

We need to clean it up and use the dictionary for the needed adjectives, we need to stop responding (I know it will be hard) to the trolls and agitator activists who seem to embed themselves in all our conversations, putting us on defense when we should be on a very aggressive attack.  We need to attack unannounced on individuals of the leadership or celebrities, politicians, news people, CEOs, Billionaires, and academics by name and by their ideologies, it is time to call a liberal treasonous phony out and expose them…

If we want to see our president succeed we need to take some of the flak so he and his staff can get on about business.  If we create the issues then the attention will be on that issue, and not on what Trump is doing.  It is a strategy that Obama was well versed in keeping people off balance and not focused on what he is doing on a daily basis.  Why do you think he went to play gulf on the weekends?  When his action broke the news, he was not in the office, and when things happened he was not visible. Like he used to tell us: ‘I didn’t know anything about it until I read it in the Newspaper.’

Some people called him dumb, but he was very smart, as an operative for Soros and the UNs Global Socialist Union.  Our RINO establishment traitors were helping him all along, and now the only thing I would ask of him, would be to have all his cabinet start enforcing the law.  With the protesters, illegal aliens, Muslim refugees, the border wall, but mostly the stop them in their tracks enforcement of the law, no questions asked, unless a rogue cop steps over the line, then let the department handle it, as a matter of fact, one of the best ways to gain the trust of the communities is the police doing their jobs and getting rid of the few bad cops.  A bad officer who is really dirty, don’t get a second chance, he is gone.

But we need to organize and activate operation exposure, keep it going until congress starts to take care of pulling the plug on the swamp, … now that is a sound that I really want to hear.  But the sound I most likely will hear is the sound of clicking the unfollow button.  But that is okay you can fight according to the rules that the liberals set for you, for me and my house I will first serve the Lord, then my Nation from where I get my freedom.  Remembering, that with each of our rights and freedoms there is a requisite, you have to accept the responsibility and be ever ready to be accountable to our once great moral values.


Thanks for simply reading this post.

R.S. Helms – Bob’s Opinion

send me a comment if you would like to get your two-cents worth in, I will publish it  just keep it clean.  no vile profanity or the ‘F”N’ words would go without saying.

Transitioning Evil vs. A Godly USA

Evil vs Good


The American people are in a sense, transitioning from the control which Satan has had on our nation for decades, into a new hope in Christ Jesus.  And restoring our nation to its intended Christian—Judeo principals and moral values.  It is time to look at our personal unrest and consider our self-justification for what I really feel, or believe in my heart.

When I was counseling addicts and social outcasts form the jails and inner-city ghettos.  Driven by working with children in the Methodist Children’s Home in New Orleans, who are the innocent victims of the problems we faced.  Covertly, over many decades our nation has been eroding from our Christian principals and moral values and as those values have faded ever so slowly since the time of the founders of this great nation.

The ungodly has advanced while the core principles of the founders have dwindled; this has been a long and slow process imbedded in the administrations of the federal government.  Today we find ourselves at the tipping point of socialism, and for the past eight years we have been on a downward spiral, out of control projectile into the destruction of our constitution and we may ask why is this so? it coincides with our loss of values.

Values based on our Judeo—Christian principles of the constitution which we the people have given over to the ever-enlarging bureaucracy of the federal government.  Where liberalism has infested both the government and Christianity as a parasite devouring our freedoms and the power of the people’s majority rule.

This is accomplished by the liberalizing of the press, entertainment, special interest groups, political correctness, and special minority equality programs and executive branch acts, where the majority rule of democracy was set aside in favor of a minority rule.  The liberalism parasites attached themselves to the constitution ignoring and misinterpreting only those parts which would protect their destructive feeding frenzy over the intent of the amendments of the constitution as the framers intended.

To find the intent (motivation) of the framers, we must read the Preamble of the Constitution.  The preamble was written not as part of the Constitution, and as a matter of fact was added after the constitution was penned but before ratification, and as to show the intent of the content of the constitution and the amendments.  However, lengthy debate was done in the process of preparing of the document just in making clear the intent of the constitution.

By neglecting the Preamble of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has taken the liberty to wrongly place the majority of the Justices to insert their own ideology to selectively define the intent (motivation) of the framers in court decisions, and not the collective intent of the framers as found in the constitution; the lengthy, and often heated debates, was to insure the people’s rights, and the state rights are protected by the government and to ensure the ratification of the constitution.

The authority of our government to rule is simply put ‘the governed giving authority to be governed’ this is done through our elected representatives in both houses. Supposedly protected by the ‘separation of powers’ of the government.  We can see how much protection the people have received from our corrupted government, the will of the people has been hi-jacked by our elected representatives in congress, and the abuse of power of the Executive Branch as well as the Supreme Court; the corrupted government has managed to fill their coffers and erode the Constitution to its near destruction in favor of socialism.

What would be refreshing would be term limits on all three powers of our government including limiting terms of Congress, and the Supreme Court; then a sort of merit system to determine pay and benefits packages.  Retirement should be established similar to the private sector.  No president should receive a retirement check equal to or exceeding their annual pay rate, the expenses for establishing an office or housing should be eliminated, the Secret Service protection for one year is legitimate but should be limited after that depending on what risk factor that is established by the Intelligence community.

We need to revisit any Act (law) that allows some people’s rights over others.  And let the constitution govern the way government is run.  Before we get rid of the regulatory agencies we need to use them to focus on the ghettos and poor areas of our nation to ensure good schools, good housing, and equal opportunity, we need to cut liberal professors and teachers, get rid of the teacher’s union, tenure, and get good qualified teachers.  We need to offer the best possible education to our children and stop using our schools as propaganda outlets and dumbing down our school to meet the standards of less educated countries in the name of global equality.

We need to ban the ACLU, to better apply constitutional rights as intended not as partisan justices define them.  The ACLU has taken away the right for municipalities and states to govern their people, and used liberal justices to secure federal decisions in their favor, which is seldom in the favor of Christianity because liberal politicians have been trying to promote their ideology that this is not a Christian nation.  When an objective study of our nations founder prove it was founded as a Christian nation with many different denominations, and other religions migrating to our nation over the years, and the constitution guarantees their free expression.

Ninety plus percentile of the population in the eighteenth century was Christian majority in the percentage of Christians: church affiliation of the constitutional convention delegates (55).  28 Episcopalians – 8 Presbyterians – 7 Congregationalist – 2 Dutch Reformed – 2 Lutherans – 2 Methodist – 2 Roman Catholic – 1 Unknown – 3 Deists.  The issue of laws the Deists like the Christian held the same thought: that there are two laws, the Law of Nature and the law of Nature’s God; Deism also believe God created the Universe, but is now absent from the universe, however, before he went absent he established absolute, unchanging laws (physical laws, moral laws) to govern the universe.  It is also noted that in the 18th century America, Deist were a very small minority.  Therefore, when the founders wrote the constitution ‘Creator’ was put in the preamble.

In his address to all (?) the delegates of the Constitutional Congress (1787), Ben Franklin, said: “In the beginning of the contest with Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayers in this room for the divine protection.  Our prayers, Sir, were heard—and they were graciously answered.  I have lived, Sir, a long time; and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, that God governs the affairs of men.  And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?  We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings that ‘except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.’  I firmly believe this; and I also believe that, without his concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builder of Babel. …”

Thomas Jefferson (1805) second Inaugural Address: “I shall need the favor of that Being in whose hands we are, who led our forefathers, as Israel of old, from their native land, and planted them in the country flowing with all the necessaries and comforts of life; who has covered our infancy with His providence, and our riper years with His wisdom and power; and to whose goodness I ask you to join with me in supplications, that He will so enlighten the minds of your servants, guide their councils, and prosper their measures, that whatsoever they do shall result in your good, and shall secure to you the peace, friendship, and approbation of all nations.”

Samuel Adams, (father of the American Revolution)… Prayer and Fasting Proclamation (1797)  “… I conceive that we cannot better express ourselves than by humbly supplicating the Supreme Ruler of the world that the rod of tyrants may be broken into pieces, and the oppressed made free; that wars may cease in all the earth, and that the confusions that are and have been among nations may be overruled by promoting and speedily bringing on that holy and happy period when the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may be everywhere established, and all people everywhere willingly bow to the septre of Him who is the Prince of Peace.”

1). Overwhelming majority believed basic doctrines of Christianity and were active in Christian churches.  2). Even those who did not believe the basic doctrines of Christianity, nonetheless believed the basic values of Christianity were true and were good for society. Institute on the Constitution – a study on Christianity &the law of the land… John Eidsome

When the people of this nation started following political ideologies and began to take our values, either as not relevant to the progress of the world or maneuvering politics to remove them from our culture, we started down a path of self-destruction.  A whole political party (movement) has willingly pursued an evil delusion; that is the kindest thing I can say about liberalism, both in society and the church.

Obama, simply put, was a fraud who had the ability to put the shell game into a science category, and divide every aspect of our society, including husband and wife.  And bending, even creating illegal policies, and then helping to send the liberal democratic party into nose-dive when Hillary lost the election to President Trump.  All the liberal power groups, who are in a frenzy trying to save what relativity they have, and are making liberalism and the democratic party more irrelative.  The liberal media is giving all it has to the effort but it is turning out to be only aiding the destruction of the out of control radicalism of the left.  the efforts of the RINO establishment to change the Republican Party was too slow to get the change of the base before the unexpected candidacy of Donald Trump and his campaign, and with the victory most Republicans honored their agreement and supported the now President Trump agenda.  For those hold-outs like McCain, Rubio, Ryan, Graham, and several others in the Senate and House who have simply gave up their political carriers. All who said they supported Trump to win primaries, and later won their elections, only to flip on him when they were back in Washington; simply lying traitors (but nothing new for McCain).

Today, was another day of high liberal ‘protests’ presumably under the protection of the first Amendment, which they have not been all along, yes, they were issued permits to assemble in protest, but that is where the first amendment gets a bit soiled, because of the municipalities requirements which are in contrast of the intent of the first amendment. So, all the people who wanted to proceed freely were hampered or stopped all together.  Hollywood awards were soiled even more by the acceptance speeches of some of the winners and the MC… and media professionalism was flushed by the bias coverage of the news.  All of which brought up the ‘that’s not who we are’ rhetoric of Obama, concerning moral values held by our nation.  I ask: what values? Do they mean the ones liberals have been changing for decades?  Yea-a-s-s-s-s, those are the ones, and replaced with Global Socialism political correctness and liberal propaganda.

Today, is the start of Trump’s second week in office, and the protests continue and more than on the streets, airports, and now in congress, (I even seen a picture of a woman judge setting at the bench with her “hat” on what a disgrace)… and they can’t even do it with honesty, just a bit in a dishonest press I see where Hollywood and TV celebrities are ranting their stupid rhetoric at the cheers of their classless comrades who are eating from the same evil slime bowl.  Meanwhile, The Donald simply just keeps up doing for the Americans what he said he would do… and at a blurring pace, where the left can’t even keep up.  The liberals are self-destructing right before the eyes of America.

It is truly a second civil war, not as much blood seeping into the soil of our land, but the blood of hate is running in the gutters of our inner cities, innocent blood of all colors, and that is the nature of the beast that has controlled the minds of otherwise good people called Americans … truly one civil war to this one fighting against the same anti-constitution evil ideologies.  Well, cowboy it is time to man up, and decide what kind of America you want to live in and leave behind for our kids and grandkids… the choice is up to you.

We can choose to live free in our constitutional ‘America first’ nation or maybe you are under the delusion of a utopia of the Washington plantation Global Socialist Union, of course Sharia Law will replace the constitution, wow, what are all you liberal protesters going to protest?  Homosexuals will be at least stoned in the public square, women – well hope you like being a rug, Christians well, sorry to say we will be among the first to go.  Hollywood hacks? Yea-a-a-s-s-s-s there will be no Hollywood.

Guess what? I can’t think of much that will be any good at all.  Shucks, you better get all the living you can for the next eight years, (that is when the administration will change), we have several good conservatives who would keep America strong, the constitution protected, and the people free, — that is if we can all seem to shake the evil vail delusion called liberalism (in our politics and our religion), and become American strong, and vote them into office, otherwise the war will be lost to the world.

I have never been so embarrassed for people, as I am for the liberal protesters who have sold their souls for just a bit of Soros gold, but it does not take long for me to shake off the heart-felt compassion when I look at them, I see everything that is wrong with America.  These people apparently don’t work, unless you call protesting whatever cause pays the most, a legitimate tax exempt job, and I don’t because most of them are using student funds, some are on welfare, some are so poor they cannot refuse what is offered, some are mentally unstable, (all seem to be unstable) but some actually are and are being taken advantage of by the social corrupt.

I know that this won’t go far, but I (as if I had any say), would instruct the FBI, CIA, NSA, to cooperate in an investigation of Members of Congress, Former Government officials, in the matter of subversion, sedition, and treason (all synonymous) but specific crimes against the Nation; the news release would be “no questions” just put it out there… from Obama to the small college idiot burning the flag.  Anywhere connections can be made.  Get the RINOs and establishment globalists from all parties, get the corporate funding, and where it goes… then see if I am not right about how it is a web like has never been exposed the history of the nation.

Then prosecute under a RICO Act criminal conspiracy against the people of the United States.  Nothing I can think of would drain the swamp and recover the people’s money, restoring the Constitution and the intent of the framers as unchanging with the whims of the world and the UNs Global Socialist Union…

This final hoo-rah for patriots, would put the values, and authority of the government as given by the governed (the people). There seems to be a new focus for over half of our nation, and it is aparant that the shock of what is coming down the line is not the utopia that they have been promised over the last decades, but should we continue down this pathway with radical Islam they just may be the ones that are getting their heads cut off, regardless of what the Socialists have said, as they have gotten fat.

what we see in our streets today is something that has never been seen before.  the left have lost all indication that they have ever known any values at all, they are acting like they have regressed to the state of animals.  simply spin without knowing what truth is, as long as our schools and professors, and the media keep the liberal socialist BS going the more irrelevant but violently dangerous they become.

I really feel sorry for the braindead MSM, TV comic celebrities, and most of Hollywood, and the special minority groups who are now proving either how dumb they are or that they are actually anti-USA and the well being of a secure and sovereign USA.  A manufactured hate that has truly became hate.  But one cannot expect any different outcome when they have been brainwashed by Godless leaders on the Left.

In Study
R.S. Helms
Thanks for taking the time to read my studied opinion.  God bless you
    and God Bless the USA.

God Will Not Pick Our President


God Will Not Pick Your President



God will let us pick who the next president of the United States will be.  Why?  Well, my, my, my, … you need to understand that God gave us a free will, and he has a plan already in place when we make a bad choice, just as he does when we make a good choice; and he is the unchanging God even when we want to be God we are not and will never be God, he alone is the sovereign God. 

Over the past half century, the liberal left has been engaged in a war against Christianity, capitalism, and the free market, while adopting policies and ideologies more in line of a socialist global union.  Nevertheless, it is like a snowball rolling down a slope, it starts out inconspicuous but as it grows larger it also builds momentum, until it becomes very noticeable and out of control and nearly impossible to stop before it crashes into you house and destroys you.  From the time of Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and his New Deal Coalition, (to make the New Deal work), the liberal socialist movement has been like the snowball until we are faced with what we have now, a huge snowball ready to smash our nation.

Well, God is still God, and capitalism/free market system is still the best economic system in history.  Our democratic Free Republic is still the best form of government in the history of civilization.  Our Constitution is, with its guarantee of freedom and a limited federal government: although abused by politicians and politics it is still the most just document of governance ever produced.  And although shaky, we are still a sovereign nation.

Just one of several reasons that this election is up to our choice.  Do we make a good choice or do we make a bad choice, and it is not up to selecting the least evil, or the better of the two bad, that is hype and political spin to keep the media in business of making money with the once in four year mega buck bottom line, that they so much enjoy.  The liberal media hype is moved to the Republican Congress if a liberal is elected, and Faux News tries to keep its ratings up by beating on the liberals, and Tea Party conservatives.  Shows what I think of the hype, (put out by the media – including Faux), that goes with the campaigns and politicians.  there is a decision to be made and it is up to the “live citizens” to vote, that is a civic duty, vote and keep the system honest and fair, who gets the vote of the people should have the office; the electoral college should only be recognized if the popular vote is tied.  But regardless who gets into office, I am to obey, unless that obedience is against my obedience to God. 

That is why we have laws, and at times our government’s choice is against the laws of Christ and therefore I need to do everything in my power to get that law changed, to where it is equally applied to Christians and non-Christian alike.  Nevertheless, when the sun sets in the Western Sky, God’s plan will be exciting to see; if he is moving the church, or moving both, the church and the nation.


I would like to see the later, that his plan would be working with the church and with the nation.  and we have a choice to make, as Christians we have an obligation, to choose or someone else will do it for us.  Do a little homework apart from what the media is throwing at us, and see what sort of government you would like to live under.  Think about a nation that the government decides for us, everything that is right is wrong, and everything wrong is right.  That our culture and society must continue to change according to the whims of immigrants, and the tail continues to wag the dog.

Moral issues will be decided by the government and its manufactured political correctness, that abortion is legal and paid for by the taxpayer even partial birth, or full term abortion.  That no black thugs can be arrested and jailed because of a manufactured BLM “justice”.  If you are Islamic and maim, mutilate, kill, and rape, you won’t be tried in our courts of US law, because you are under Shariah and Shariah is above the US laws, (according to CAIR).  Notwithstanding, that with the total division amongst the people, and the economic disaster, it will take very little to put this nation in such hurt that the people would sell our sovereignty for global socialism with little resistance, food and shelter would mean more. 

Do you want to live in a sovereign free constitutional republic, or a global socialist union?  That is the only truth about the choice.  God has his plan for both.  I for one am excited to see what God is going to do after the election.  Either way, God will be doing a mighty work in his church.  separating the sheep from the goats, and having a revival, or awakening, one of the other, it will be harder on the Christian if we choose the wrong way, revival is just what it says revive the Christians, awakening is to awaken those Christians who slumber and awaken the heathen who is under the delusions of darkness; either way it will be exciting.

So, campaigning is just one week away from its welcomed end, for now, and I will see you at the polls helping to make the Church and America Great Again.

In Study

I am R.S. Helms, — and I approve this message.

Model Prayer


Image During one of the many times that I truly examine my relationship with the Lord, I often find that I am not measuring up to what I preach.  What I preach is, the necessity of a consistent maintenance of that relationship, what I find is my life and actions are not hitting the mark, the prize that is laid before me seems unattainable.  Too often the sin of omission overtakes us while we journey through this world.  It is too easy to get away from being Christ centered and slip to the world, and our human nature.  Point is without the intimacy in our relationship with God it will become an estranged relationship.  It is in times like these that when we ask, and don’t receive, it is because we ask amiss; ask over a broken connection.  Sin, can be either in action, or in apathy; that does not change the fact that sin is sin and alienates us from the intimate love relationship with Jesus.

Now that I moved pass the big obstacle of effective prayers, lets tackle prayer itself.  Pastor’s libraries are filled with books on how to pray, and from authors who seem to have a problem with effectual prayer.  If anyone should be able to pray effectually it would stand to reason that a Pastor would, right? – in most cases that is right, most pastors spend their time surrounded by spiritual influences, not surrounded by the ways of the world, and the covert ungodly agents of the adversary, hanging all over most people that the regular Christian has about him or her, on a daily basis, as they attempt to make it through day.

Think about it; if you work outside the home, who and what are you surrounded by?  Unless you work for a local church or Christian ministry, chances are you will be exposed to the “diabolical depravation of the human nature” most of the time you are away from your harbor, which protects you spiritually; hopefully it is your home, however, we have compromised our homes from being our harbor of peace.  We have invited the world to come in, through TV, computers, game stations, iphones, and radios, none of which are bad in and of themselves, what makes them bad is our use of them.

Lord, teach us to pray” – as John also taught his disciples.”  So He said to them, “when you pray, say: … Our father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.  Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us day by day our daily bread.  And forgive us our sins, For we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us.  And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one.”  (Lk. 11: 1b – 4,) in this account we have a disciple coming to Jesus and asking him, to teach them to pray.  In the Matthew account, (And it does not take a ThD to see that they are the same “model prayer”, erroneously called “The Lord’s Prayer”).  Way back in the day, we recited “the Lord’s Prayer” every morning in our home room along with the Pledge of Allegiance, which I believe was a good thing, and it really offended no one, or their families, and was never an issue until liberal Atheists decided to make it an issue.  It was a time when children were educated properly and effectively.  The so-called “offensive to someone”, brings to mind the name of a great song, “Jesus, Jesus, just the mention of Your name….” it is the mention of the name of God, and Jesus, God the Son, that people don’t like; because in considering it, it reveals their sin.

When I preach a sermon on this topic, I generally use both Matthew and Luke as the scripture foundation, then write as the Spirit leads, in this article I will focus on the Mathew account from the Sermon on the Mount. Some theologians like H.A. Ironside, (A great theologian from the 40—60s era), a great preacher of the Gospel and a keen Bible scholar, but even though I like him does not mean I have to agree with him all the time.  Ironside wrote concerning the Sermon on the Mount, that it was not a sermon at all, but a setting forth the Kingdom principals, which is a true statement, I do however, disagree that it is not a sermon, just that Jesus was not preaching on the Gospel, but on principals, and when you read the whole of the sermon, it is very long, which many preacher’s sermons of today are; many of mine included.

Nonetheless, the “model prayer”, is sandwiched in the middle of the whole sermon.  And there is no indication that a disciple asked for the instruction.  My thought on this, is the account in Matthew did not mention the bold and impertinent interruption, which would have brought immediate rebuke from most of the preachers of our day.  Nonetheless, Jesus explains not only to his disciples but to the crowd gathered there on the slope.

“And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites, For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men.  Assuredly, I say to you they have their reward.”  “But you, when you ray go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”  “And when you pray do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do, For they think that they will be heard for their many words.  Therefore, do not be like them For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.”   “In this manner, therefore pray:  Our Father in heaven Hallowed be Your name Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors.  And do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.”

Okay, first off, Jesus does not instruct us not to pray in public.  That is a myth, unnecessarily held by those who are afraid to pray in public, afraid they don’t sound good, or will not know what to say, or their style may not sound like deacon Jones who likes the sound of his voice, and his style of flowery Queen Ann’s English from the King James era, (Not that they are bad, there are times I wish I sounded like they do), I have been asked by church going Christians: “You mean you pray and bless your Big Mac in the restaurant?” Yes and grab a hand of people who ask me to pray for them, on the sidewalk, or a parking lot, or a public gathering as well.  Nor does Jesus exhort us to kneel or we must physically position our body a certain way; that is instigated by our preferences in showing our sincere humility before the Throne of God.  Some people use candles, the opened Bible on a holder attached to a kneel pad; Jesus is telling us not pray to be seen and heard of men, or people; we are praying to God, in the name of the Lord Jesus.

While serving in the Pastorate, I would go into the sanctuary sit in one of the chairs, face the cross over the baptistery and there in dim light read scripture, generally from the Psalms, and tell God what I had just read, it was changed by the Holy Spirit as He applied it to my heart and circumstance, my petition would be from a prayer stand, which one of the men had made me for my study; there were times when I would lay face down in the dark of the sanctuary, before the alter, (the Lords Supper table, which stands in front of the pulpit in most Baptist sanctuaries), depending on how much the enemy was trying to distract me in my prayer.; all this is simply a physical stimulation to aid you in your prayers when the enemy is trying to interrupt your intimacy with God.

Nonetheless, the first part of the Model Prayer, is to recognize and humbly confess the sovereign Lordship of God in my life, seeking His will, and that His will be done, not mine, after all, I was there in His presence to communicate, to talk with Him; not try to argue my will with Him.  Jesus prayed: “If this cup pass from me least I drink of it, but not my will, Your will be done,” His complete surrender of His human will, of His human nature.

Next, we should pay attention to the petition of God’s graceful sufficiency in meeting our daily needs, “Give us this day our daily bread,” then the next words of instruction, are “And forgive our debts, (sins), and here it gets a bit hard; God desires us to confess our sins as debts against Him, and not in an ambiguous “if” or “where”, in thought, deed, and apathetically not doing what we know we are supposed to, are sin, and He wants us to hear our brokenness vocalized so that our ears will hear the ugliness of our particular sin, the Holy Spirit has brought it to mind for you to confess with your lips to God who is able and has the power and authority to forgive and give you the absolution of the debt, this must be done with the brokenness of a repentful heart, simply meaning you will do your level best not to do it again.  All this confession and forgiveness is conditional however, with the next words of the instruction: “As we (I) forgive our (my) debtors”; those who have sinned against us, (me).

God is not willing to forgive you of your sin, if you are not willing to forgive sin perpetrated against us, why should He, if you will not?  I have heard people sited in my study telling me of something someone did to them, and in the same breath say “I won’t forgive them”, perhaps expecting me to affirm their conviction of their need to forgive, nonetheless, I always answer, you must forgive, if they ask for it or not you must forgive willingly, or God will shut out your confession and plea for forgiveness.

Therefore, and I believe this, God will not entertain your prayers, he will not hear any prayer except a repentful confession, and your forgiveness of sin perpetrated against you.  Your prayers bounce off the ceiling of your closet, without first repentful confession, and your forgiveness, which includes forgiving yourself!  Jesus taught us to forgive others and to love others as we love ourselves, the prerequisite to forgiveness of others is forgiving ourselves, just as the prerequisite for loving others is to love ourselves.

“And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”  Now make that personal, Lord do not lead me into temptation, Lord don’t let me fall to the temptations of evil, and sin, I don’t have the strength of myself, but with your help I will not sin when tempted.  And deliver me from Satan and his demons and devils, Lord you know they are hanging around all about me, deliver me from their control in my life, let me be free to live my life for you, and pleasing to you.

Recognize and confess God’s ownership over all things and his sovereignty of rule in His kingdom, His mighty awesome sovereign power over all that exists, now and forever.  He is the uncaused cause of all in existence, for nothing exists apart from Him.  And don’t forget to include thanksgiving and appreciation for all that He has provided for you, especially salvation and eternal life.

My prayer life includes the fusion of the model prayer into the general body of my prayer; I have additions, if you will, depending on the present circumstance or situation for which I am petitioning God’s grace or required action.  Needless to say, each will develop your own as you enhance your prayer life; however, this is the application of Jesus’ instruction to us on how to pray.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you, and join me in prayer that my little commentary may help someone pray aright, and not amiss, that the Holy Spirit may use it to encourage just one to pray, and increase their love relationship with the Lord… Thank You.


R.S. Helms

The Tail Wagging the Dog


Tail Wagging the Dog pic


By:  R.S. Helms

This is as stupid as the actual consideration of the tail being able to wag the dog.  Nonetheless,    it is the goal of the liberal/progressive ideology to socialize the great free Republic of the United States of America, which can only be accomplished by allowing the tail to wag the dog.  Conspiracy theory perhaps, and again perhaps just plain conspiracy, problem is the conservatives have allowed honest inquiry into an issue by connecting dots to be labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and those who engage into such things as “conspiracy theorist whackos” in an attempt to intimidate honest inquiry.  Federalists, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, truly proud and free Americans, have been replaced by liberal, socialists, who have became the dominate power in all aspects of our free society.

The piece, which I have posted in the “religion” section of my web site, will give some of the theological change in Christianity.  Changes that necessarily needed to occur to challenge conservative Christianity in the marketplace, or what has become known as, “Main Street America”, I will not argue, some of the bad things that happened in our nation; slavery, corruptness in the Capitalist free market, nor will I dwell on the conservative Americans who freed the slaves, or the impact conservative Christianity and Christian values that organized and boycotted against capitalists who engaged in promoting immorality and corruption, which crept into our free market system.  Unions were wonderful and their formation was to protect workers, honest work for a fair wage, and worker safety, without gouging the consumer, consumer protection was needed because the unions failed to address that.

In this series of the “Tail Wagging the Dog”, I would like to explore several areas of concern; I will be connecting the dots, so to speak, while presenting questions concerning liberal theology, black liberation theology, Atheism, and progressivism as the weapons of the enemy (Satan), to destroy the greatest nation in the history of the earth, a Christian nation, “one nation under God”, of course, it would be stupid to be in such denial as to try to promote the idea that over the two hundred thirty some years, we had it totally right, but one of the things that made us who we are is that we were always able to fix the problems. Undeniably, the sovereign states have done a better job, at taking care of the problems than our oversized, overstuffed; overpowering, overpaid, federal bureaucracy    has been able to do.

The federal government has, for decades, failed in nearly everything they have started.  At a point in time they set out to protect our borders, they protected the constitution, they won a civil war over rebel Southern democratic states to free the slaves, they provided the power to integrate the same Southern states, nonetheless, they failed in their attempt at the Civil Liberties Act, instead of guaranteeing constitutional rights they opened the door for the progressives to fill their coffers and control a voting bloc of the impoverished Black and Hispanics.

Nonetheless, it was about that time that the anti-Christian facet of our population launched their campaign to demonize the once respected moral and ethical values of our nation.  Values which were coveted and feared by other nations; our values started to be identified, or linked to the Christian roots of our nation and slowly they became non-existent and even offensive to some; that some, that minority of the population, the tail of the great nation, was empowered to wag the dog.  It has been several decades in working to what we see now, therefore, we would be stupid to say it is the present administration’s fault.  On the contrary, the present administration became emboldened to be the most aggressive liberal administration in our history.  Why should this be?  Could it be, the tail is wagging the dog?

Could it be, that the dog has lost its backbone and is cowering to political correctness, the hypocritical liberal socialists and progressives?  Could it be, that the leadership of this administration sets under a Marx-socialist, racist, narcissistic, inapt leader?  One who attempts to deceive and divide the nation in every aspect, good or bad, our nation’s leader is looking to destroy our nation from within.  It only makes sense if we understand the principal of the Pied Piper, and the people are mystified with the Obama charisma and brainwashed by other liberal leaders of incompetence, leading blinded citizens and illegal aliens, to the slave chains of the Washington Plantation.

I do suppose the part that is most upsetting about the past four presidents, is their push for political power, and central power of government to the presidency.  Of course, that would mean a modified Constitution, or a powerless Constitution, which would be subordinate to the international law, i.e. the U.N. and the U.N. Agenda 21.

The move from a constitutional sovereign Republic is more difficult than anticipated, especially when the tail wags the dog.  Unlike what the socialists wanted to believe in the concept of the tail wagging the dog, it would show how the constitution would need updating, and of course, Obama has found out that just because he is president and thinks that he can do what he wants and shows it in his continual disregard for the constitution, and the balance of powers.

With congress, we have the House of Representatives with a Republican majority and within that Republican majority; we have either a majority of progressives or a mixed majority of progressives and spineless bureaucrats, “establishment Republicans”, and some actual conservatives who have the spine to stand toe to toe with Democrats and the President and push back as they try to push their agenda forward.  In the senate, we have a majority of Democrats and in part, on the Republican side of the aisle we are saddled with progressive Republicans; that are equal to most liberal Democrats, just a different vision.

It matters not who is President they all want to grow the government, and for too long the government has grown, spending more and more money, and intruding more and more into the lives of the main street citizen, leaving us with less freedoms than the administration before.  Nonetheless, the Obama Administration has had a different kind of agenda, and he put it on fast track as soon as he took office.  The Obama agenda is built around his narcissistic personality, which controls most of what the man does.  Lying is no problem with Obama, because he believes differently than even radical liberation liberals believe.  He believes he is the sovereign and sole power of the United States, and that belief is the end plan and goal for his administration.  We will be left with a dictator that will make it into the top five worst dictators of the world, Qaddafi, Mugabe, Saddam Hussein and other madmen.

However, we were warned during his first presidential campaign; all the voters who heard with their ears him telling everyone he would change the way things are done in Washington; how many of you would like to have your vote back now.   There was a state in the news this past week that passed a bill that rejected Shari’ah or Sharia law, which was overturned in a federal court.  Just a start from his Muslim Brotherhood, (CAIR), connections here in the United States, and if the Atheists, Homosexuals, black liberation Christians, think that the white Evangelical Christians are going to have it bad, wait till later, our children and grandchildren will not have a free choice in the matter.  I feel it will be Shari’ah Law, and that is happening right now.

Obama is building a massive civilian army, with the Homeland Security, IRS, FEMA, BLM, NSA, CIA, and the FBI; through the Justice Department he is training most of the Police, Sheriff, and State Police to help out, even giving them heavy weapons.  If the man actually makes it — as a free nation — we are in deep do-do.

One of the found comments often heard by Pastors as they minister to the elderly, especially those who are more homebound, “Yes the Lord knows all about it,” and for me, I would smile and nod in agreement; the same little phrase of faith comes to mind as I watch the tail wag the dog, “Yes, the Lord does know all about it,” and the day of reckoning is at hand and I am sure, as sure can get, He will one day soon restore our nation.

I often think of the 14th verse of Second Chronicles:  “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  It instructs us to be enthusiastically receptive of God in our prayers for our nation, He will hear from heaven, He will forgive our sins as a nation, and He will heal our land!

I believe God, and I believe He is going to start the process of restoration through our votes, then through our obedience and faithfulness.  If we think about it, God has always had a remnant of the faithful who have not compromised their faith; it is that remnant, to whom I write, because we need to humble ourselves before our creator, and PRAY. …

Thank You…