Enough is Enough!

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COULD IT BE, time for the grass-roots patriotic conservatives (including you fellow “Born again true” Christians) to get up off the recliner, roll up your sleeves and do something about all this BS mind control agenda and ideologies running chaotic in our streets? 

There is not a news source on TV or the Newspapers that is any better than MSMBC, and Huffington Post; like water they have sought the course of least resistance, and the lowest point possible before going down the sewer.  The internet is the only hope for any sort of proven, verifiable, truthful news.  And it is getting harder to find straight forward truth as numerous once good sites like Town Hall, just becomes another pep-rally source for corruption and evil control of our once great nation.

Yes, you armchair patriotic witty-mouthed ‘Monday morning quarterbacks’ who in most part don’t even say the right thing, just what sounds good, and other than that, remain nice and comfortable on your over-stuffed recliners feeding the narcissistic craving of the global establishment, and the global socialist liberals that we are running our country today – and for the past five presidents.

For decades’ real conservatism is being eaten away by the human nature with its vast evil appetites brought on by its total depravity.  Real conservatives and conservative ‘born again’ Christians have fallen asleep and like Rip Van Winkle some are starting to wake up, asking what’s going on?  What’s going on is the devil like a roaring lion has been going about seeing whom he may devour, and devouring us in the name of peace and unity, political correctness, not to mention, redefining words and ideologies of true the sovereignty of a free Republic.

Slowly this evil has been at work, creeping over the landscape of our nation like a creeping plague.  Inch by inch like a giant shadow slowly spreading out from cities to towns from the populated East and West coasts devouring the very integrity of our nation.  it has been happening for centuries, ever so slowly and from time to time there has come along, real leadership with the true heart for America, for greatness, freedom and the American people, while none were perfect leaders, with perfect backgrounds their integrity and character was strong and good, which set them apart.  However, since the late fifties an evilness has been slowly eating the minds of good people, however, not to the magnitude of the last eight years.

Nonetheless, Regan was the best of the presidents, Kennedy a big player but a proud and strong American but played the black voter, and only because of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, and his powerful opposition to “equal but different” Democrats of the South, (Segregation Laws), which had spread into the North nearly as much.  He ended segregation, but Johnson stole his legacy by signing the Kennedy “Civil Rights Act”, None the less Nixon was impeached for doing his wrong dealings which are but a fraction of what Clinton (Bill and Hillary) actually did, Gerald Ford was worthless except for pardoning Nixon while all the Nixon gang went to prison.  Jimmy Carter was just not slick enough, or perhaps too dumb about his globalist “unity” love BS.

George H.W. Bush, is where we really start seeing a phony globalist at work with his million points of light rhetoric, and his establishment mindset.  Clinton is simply controlled by his evil nature and Hillary, being above the law, and Marxist liberal he is, had the sense to go from extreme liberal to moderate and wind up with a budget surplus, but started the total disrespect for the Office.  George W. Bush was handed Islamic Terror of 9-11 and demanded swift action, it is no secret that Iraq had WMDs but that was not exactly the reason for his war with Iraq, his was a war of revenge for the 1993 assassination attempt on his dear daddy.

Problem with the WMDs being the motivation of taking out Saddam Hussein is that he broadcasted it to the world weeks and months before the strike.  He played with the Democrats in congress trying to get congressional approval, then, with the reluctant U.N. trying sanctions and other sidetracking methods to attack the Islamic terror organization Taliban in Afghanistan, meanwhile Saddam simply moved his WMDs to Syria and bury the manufacturing hardware somewhere in the desert.  I have no doubt that the Bushes’ loved the United States, however, that does not justify their establishment global politics.

Obama, is another kind of global socialist, more evil, and truly hates America.  He is a Muslim and not so good Liberation theology Christian.  Obama could care less that people call him dumb, inapt, global socialist, because he is of a wicked heart and a proficient bully who will lie on demand, blame everyone else, and has worked his way of blame to intimidate the American populace, and in doing so dumbed down most of America.  He has divided everyone and continues to work his evil as he takes the nation towards a global socialist union.  he has reduced our military, and demoralized our strongest troops and brought us to the point of destruction from without and from within to accomplish his goal.

One lesson he learned well, which most megalomaniac narcissists do; the teaching of Jonathan Gruber, “the American people are stupid and will believe what you tell them”.   That statement is a standalone statement of stupidity which has been used to browbeat good people into acting like zombies, or string puppets with the evil of liberalism its puppet master pulling their strings. He is out of control, and so are the liberals and establishment globalist RINOs.

Meanwhile those who stand against him are being bashed in the media, (which he controls) through rich and powerful global socialists top one percent rich.  The news media (including Fox’s Murdoch) play puppet masters over the American populace.  Not to mention those who are brainwashed and going along with this madman but who continue to support the madness in politics by supporting Hillary Clinton, she is a scaggy version of Obama on steroids.

I am tired of the Glenn Becks, and Bill Crystal, the O’Reilly, and Kellies who are only interested in the dollars, of lying and trying to keep people dumbed down on the American truth.  The façade is over and with the help of God putting energy to the ones who talk the talk but are most comfortable sitting in the recliner with a cool one thinking they are cool, but are not.  They make a fair cheering section, but are being used by the globalists to keep the spin going.  Stand up and be counted worthy of being an American Patriot.  Stop the stupid thinking and stupid baseless hope.  Where will you go should Hillary Clinton be elected?  American was once the only safe harbor in a chaotic world, we are perhaps at our weakest in our history, but still the only safe harbor, free as long as we protect our freedom.

The real Tea Party needs to stand up and be counted as the patriots they are, we need to clean up our mouths and partner with the 1&2nd amendment people, partner with Christians, partner with true Americans and say enough is enough and mean it, all the bullying in the world is not going to make me sit down and be silent any longer, don’t stand on the sideline get active and by all means vote!  If you don’t know what Republican to vote for, ask the Tea party, (that is if they will stand up and separate themselves from the counterfeits that seem to be everywhere. We truly need God fearing true Americans in office, not the phony promise breaking RINOs more interested in their pocketbooks and power than the sovereignty of our great nation buying in and selling out to globalism and special interest groups.

I am saying we need to take the advice of the Apostle Paul, he admonished the congregation about the taking of the Lords Supper, now listen to what you are reading – it is important that you not lie to yourself. In 1st Corinthians 11:27—29   (27), “Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.  (28) But let every man (men & women) EXAMINE himself, and so let hi m eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.  (29) For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lords body.

I know we are not at the communion (Lords Supper), However the word “examine” is the focus, because we need to examine our heart to see what is really in there, you cannot escape your own truth, try as hard as you might in covering it over with platitudes of justification.  The bare naked truth is there, either you are or you are not a true freedom loving American patriot or you are not.  Of course, there is a lot wrong with the nation, there was decades ago, but compared to what we have today it is nothing.

Even the Atheist of Atheists knows there are two things in this world, good and bad (good and evil) and we as a free sovereign nation must change course, and put the nation on the good course in order to survive in freedom.  You know in your heart that we must get back to where we were, even in all of our imperfection we had hope within the American spirit.  absolutely we made great progress, and we should desire to progress more, but please understand that what has been happening in this nation’s progress is wrong for decades, we surely don’t disregard our values, our once great culture our greatness as a nation because some corrupt evil and wicked politician or mogul says we are wrong!  We cannot allow political correctness to brainwash us any longer, we as conservative Americans must stand on our two legs like men have done before us and walk the walk, put action to our words “Enough is Enough”, Put congress on notice … not to be bullied by this administration and liberals any longer do the right thing and put the law breakers out of business.  Use the power of impeachment and make it work, for the liberals and RINOs who stand in the way vote them out ASAP, our politicians need to stand up and be Americans, the press will always be chained to the globalist moguls as mere pawns in their army of destruction.

We don’t need to grab up our gun (as of yet) nor a baseball bat, but march and protest if need be, boycott if need be, but whatever you do, don’t stoop to their level of violence and rioting.  Use your power to vote and vote in those who will not be shy to impeach someone.

But it is time to stand up and be counted, America first.

R.S. Helms, and this is my humble Opinion.

More than Gun Control

just politicians

Pursuant to a question on one of my emails from a conservative page, where the question was asked, (“Will the GOP cave to Obama’s gun control?”), I answered with more than

gun control, and addressed what I see as a problem with the GOP politicians in Washington that goes beyond gun control.

My answer:

In the issue of the GOP doing anything in congress, such as “caving to Obama Gun Control”, there is no guarantee that the GOP will not continue to shoot themselves in the foot.  The GOP is becoming a political party of soft-core liberalism, with the same nature of politicians that stink up the Democratic Party!  The core platform of the GOP has shifted to progressive big government big spending ideologies that will give us a four base political system.

1). Radical liberalism, (socialist/communist).

2).  Undecided liberal.  3). The uncommitted progressive, (formerly GOP).

And, 4).  The grass root conservative, (free market, constitutionalist, small government, ‘We The People’ Committed Conservative), the latter, (if it is not too late), will save the American Republic and reclaim, by osmosis, the nation that all others want to be like.

It is true that we were not perfect, and was not intended to be, that is just a little part of what made us great, and I really do not think that the United States did not owe an apology to the rest of the world for being the greatest nation in the whole history of the world.  If that makes us elitists then that we are, and that is a good thing!

Even the liberal, ‘most vile’, would have to agree it was the best thing going in the world.  The United States, home of the brave, and land of the free; like it or leave it… land of opportunity for anyone from the four corners of the world, to come, (legally), and through hard work … achieve a dream, their own utopia, for them and their families…

The GOP once stood committed to those ideologies, but from its conception the progressives, (want to be liberal but afraid to commit to anything), has eroded the principals of conservatism, with jellyfish, lying, self absorbed, politicians who have helped the radical liberals move a free and great nation ever-so close the bleak pit of Marxist communism, and a caliphate nation.

Those are the GOP lying naysayers that are pounding Ted Cruz for doing what his people sent him there to do!  There is some there that are young and fresh politicians that are committed to do what they were elected to do, and have guts enough to stand toe to toe with Satan himself and stick to their promises, men of principal and integrity worthy to be representing the people of that sent them there to get a job done!

The rest deny their sleazy state of character, like a castaway adrift in the sea, tossed about like a lump of slime never knowing which way the waves will toss them.  Not belonging, except to a group of like characters who have adapted to a voided state of being, where the means justifies the end, where it is okay to promise one thing and do something else!  Always blaming someone else, calling names, being a puppet to be dangled by a puppeteer and never having enough backbone to do their own dance.

Whatever lie, whatever sleaze they have to crawl into bed with to be reelected and live an elitist lifestyle, while condemning the nation for being elitist, whatever it takes to maintain their status of delusionary power and credibility.  Yet they have the audacity to stand with a crowd of liberal goons and hammer men of integrity like Ted Cruze, Vitter, Paul, and that group of real conservatives!  Politicians such as Pelosi, Reid, McCain, and their enablers with name calling, (witch is okay as long as they are doing it), are trying to be the puppeteers waiting for the applause of Obama and the Marxist administration; should be run out of congress as a disgrace to the Republic of the United States!

All the while, the liberal media, including the misleading “fair and balanced Fox News”, are sitting out to defame men and women of integrity and character!

For me I will remain standing in support of conservatives and the “Tea Party” patriots who continue to fight for our nation!  Let the GOP, as it stands, do what they do best waffle and cave to the insanity that is Washington as it has become!

It is the people who have allowed this to happen, either by progressive design or by conservative apathy, so it is up to the conservative voter to fix it!

Ted Cruz, doing what he did, demonstrated the conservative resolve and hope! And my hat is off to

R.S. Helms.

Politicians Make it Easy

U.S. Politics makes it Easy


A Pickup Truck Loaded With 23 People
15 Dead, 8 Injured in an illegal immigrant smuggling attempt … gone real wrong!


Have you wondered how can this be possible?  A Coyote, (human smuggler), loads a pickup truck with 23 illegal immigrants, and heads north, and his destination would be the Huston area.  On the way, and traveling at a high rate of speed, his tire blew out and the white pickup left the road and hit a clump of trees.  The tragic result was 15 dead, including the driver, and 8 injured in a hospital.

Who is to blame for this carnage?  Who is going to stand up and take responsibility, maybe the employers who encouraged Mexican nationals to risk death for a job and a means to support their families? Perhaps the liberal administration who admittedly, has an agenda of amnesty for the entire ten million plus illegal immigrants?  On the other hand, should responsibility be at the feet of the unidentified politicians who have a political advantage of just leaving things as they are?

Regardless how one might slice that pie, it has been going on for decades, because either politicians do not want to get serious about immigration reform, or they just want to keep it around for campaign promises and stunts.  Nonetheless, we now find ourselves with an out of control problem, with the same rhetoric, and over the past three and a half years the outward fight to split the nation over the problem of immigration, and has only created greater encouragement for the illegal trafficking of people.

wrong policies, wrong way to do an agenda
Where is the Outrage over no accountability


One dead immigrant is one too many, and yet the border with Mexico is virtually an open border, allowing drug and human smuggling because of limits and rules of engagement.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and the President has signed the death warrants to thousands of Mexican Nationals who want to come to the U.S. to have a better life than the out of control mayhem and corruption they live in.  The number of border crossings by good honest, hard working Mexican nationals is down due to our economy, not because we are doing a better job at securing the borders.  The number of deportations is up because we have finally started deporting the scoundrels, while trying to completely strip businesses of illegals and deporting them as criminals, then fining the companies, a deterrent yes, nonetheless it helps with the number cooking that is going on in the Homeland Security Department.  You have it, it makes the President look good, but his actions are a contradiction and a crime.  Truth be known, (already reported, illegal immigrants have been returning to Mexico since 2007, because of the failing U.S. economy), they are using ICE to fly them back.

The news covered, (still feverishly covering), the Colorado movie massacre, and every person, (to the third and forth degree), who ever had any contact with the monster who inflected such carnage on innocent moviegoers and every ideology activist has weighed in.  The media has created its own hysteria over the carnage.  Oh yes, it did run a couple of stories on the two pickup crashes with illegal immigrants on the same day just a hundred or so miles apart, but it went no further.  There was no outrage, no presidential visit, and no federal investigation into the situation from Holder, perhaps if it had happened in Arizona it would have been more useful to make it media worthy, and warrant an investigation into local law enforcement.

So looking at this story from the broadest possible point, there has been plenty of blame and inapt legislation to fill the basket of both liberals and conservative politicians.  Nonetheless, since the 911 attack on this nation, more rhetoric has been focused on border security than ever before, the demand from the citizens of the United States brought the heat to the politicians, and has to some degree, changed the way liberal and conservative politicians address the issue, with one thing in common the need for immigration reform.  Nonetheless, this administration is responsible for more change than any other administration before it; but in the wrong direction.

Nancy Palosi in one of her first speeches concerning “political correctness” no longer would prisoners of war be call such, but military combatants, and illegal aliens would be called undocumented immigrants, and no longer would the word Mexican be used, it would be Hispanic or Latino.  But it did not go well even with some liberals, so illegal immigrants seems to be the compromise, and Hispanic or Latino is used, more by white conservatives than by the Mexicans, Hondurans, and Cubans, who still want to cling to their heritage, just like the Italians, Irish, Scottish, German, Etc.

The Attorney General, (President Obama), sued Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, over the Arizona law that would make it legal to detain illegal immigrants, and for the local law enforcement to do what the federal government refuses to do.

With the numbers that seemingly indicate this big drop in illegal immigrant trafficking, it simply boggles the mind to think that there is still a tidal wave of Mexican people, risking their lives to get across the border.

cold storage ...
Nearly 200 illegal immigrants died trying to beat the desert in Arizona


Death is not a new twist to this story, there has been plenty on both sides.  it is true we need to have immigration reform, and that will not be hard to do, if the government will just enforce the law.

man taking the chance for his two nephews
Pray the Border Patrol picks them up

Then look at a way to make it easier for the guy trying to feed his family, doing the job no one else will do, or those looking for the opportunity for a better life with their family on U.S. soil.

However, when president Obama creates and puts into place his incentives for illegal immigrants, then he is responsible for the deaths in that pickup truck!  Obama, Napolitano, and Holder, should be held responsible for this mess.  It may be a stretch, but Nancy Palosi always changing and setting the infamous “political correctness”, has some culpability in this tragedy, after all, nothing concerning the illegal Mexican alien is not true, just sounds bad to call someone that, so officially they are supposed to be called “undocumented immigrants.”

Call me racist, that will not bother me, it may bother my adopted Mexican family, and my proud Mexican mom would roll over in her grave, if she could see what is going on.  The mom, sister, uncles, cousins, (some of them may be illegal, I don’t know – never thought to ask. It did not make any difference in the love we shared as a family, a proud Mexican family that would never encourage anyone to be here illegally.

That is one reason that I see this tragedy, and the thousands of unidentified, unclaimed bodies in the makeshift cold storage units, men, women, and children.  It is an outrageous travesty that this government could, (would) not, end it long ago.  who is the blame, why did they do it, and how?  Just politics.