Just Stopped by…

Just Stopped By…

BY R S Helms

I just stopped by, while passing through this old world on my way to glory. I am just a sojourner traveling through this old world, headed to a new place, a kingdom, which we really cannot conceive of its wonder. True, I am for a while, a citizen of this once great nation; and great it can be again, if we invite the right leadership to influence our ways.

Unfortunately, most of the leadership at this point is under a strong delusion, an evil delusion, and although two powers have different means to get where they are going, where they are going is the same. That same end that falls under an even stronger, more evil delusion and one that will bring devastation to our nation as a free republic one nation under God.

With three generations gently pushed toward believing that Satan does not exist, nor does hell, and if there really is a God, he is a God of love, and will not allow any to parish. They have been taught a liberal theology, even a liberation theology, that is not the word of God, but a false doctrine a doctrine originating from the pits of hell, go and smell the residual sulfur, left by the imps and demons who brought it to us.

The Apostle Paul noticed something interesting going on in the Galatian Church; Ga.1:6— which evidences the relevance of the Bible, (God’s written, and living word, inerrant, and infallible). What the Apostle noticed was the moving away from the Lord, and His gospel. To what? To another gospel, one not taught by the Apostles, but something taught by the false teachers. You will find a similar warning and condemnation by our Lord Jesus in the Book of Revelation, 2nd and 3rd chapters.

The Christian church, from the time of the Apostolic Church during the first century, until today is indeed in a bitter battle, in order to maintain true Christianity. History of the Christian church will reveal the ongoing struggle, but even with the tens of thousands of martyrs who died for the faith. The remnant, kept by God, and remains true to God’s revelation of himself to His creation.

It is my studied opinion, that the theologies that have left the grace of God are the ones that were not Christian in the first place, and the ones that we know as “liberal, progressive, and liberation” theologies. I know that at this point in time, their belief about the authority and inerrancy of the Bible, (God’s word), disqualifies them as being a “Christian theology”. It is not just the difference in belief in the Bible, but such things as the relevance of the resurrection of Jesus, the vicarious death of Christ for the sins of the world, and of every man woman and child. The resurrection and victory over death, as the seal of reconciliation of man to God. That historical Christ, has no relevance until a future time, when their will be a general salvation, and general resurrection.

The idea that the progress of mankind, and social advancement has “moved mankind forward” and now God and the relevance of God has to catch up, is unacceptable as Christian doctrine or tolerance. It is these theologies and like theologies that Jesus called hypocrisies, and that the churches involved must repent, (Read Revelations 2—3).

What has been known as orthodox Christian theology was the very thing that was common in the church until the “modern” and “postmodern” church, which created and rebirthed liberal and liberation theology. They changed the inerrancy to may contain error, and then to whatever suited their cause at the time.

The various “theologies” is created by design. Because it is a “spiritual” conflict, a war more simple and basic than people wants to believe. Yet, it is a war waged since mankind breathed in the breath of life; the breath, which God breathed into Adam’s nostrils.  What is more interesting; the fact that today we have a Jihad, (Holy War), a Caliphate, with the potential of destroying the world, as we know it. Nevertheless, until we understand the physical enemy and name its motivation, until the free world stops what I call “stupid thinking” political correctness; until we address this war, in truth; not only the free world, but our nation stands at death’s door.

I know that people are concerned over the condition in the world; many Christians are on their knees, and need to be. However, it will do no good until we take care of the “SIN” issue in our personal lives first, then as a nation on our knees, (Those who claim to be Christian) in all humility, sincere in seeking the face of God; who told us he would hear, and heal our land.