A House Divided

A House Divided

Divided on All Fronts
Divided on All Fronts

      Jesus, at a point in His ministry and being harassed by the Pharisees, (as was normal) and when they seen what He was doing, they said “This fellow does not cast out demons except by Beelzebub, (Satan, or ‘Lord of the Flies’). That is like the liberals of today, making accusations about conservatives and Christians without any fact or foundation, just to make someone look bad, nevertheless, Jesus points to the facts, then covertly accuses them, by way of their sons, of the very same thing in the form of a question, followed by a truism.

Matthew 12: 25b – 27. v.25). “But Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. v.26). “if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?” v.27 “And if I cast out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your sons cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges.”

Generally, I write to conservatives, Evangelical Christians, who agree with me in most part. I do this for several reasons, among which would have to be the Liberal Trolls, these agitators are everywhere, make a comment on a favorite story or news feed, and there they are … off topic, combative, ignorant arrogant people who are of the Troll sub-species of the liberal mindset, and to whose credit, I stopped, in most part, making comment on actual good pieces. Outside of these fellows (women are included in the term)… I, like most people on the planet, don’t like criticism even the positive. As a new, fresh, upstart entering my first pastorate, there was a deacon … and old gent from the Bay Area, and era of the flower children, who ask me a question, “you thick skinned?” It took me several months before I truly understood the intent of the question, — learned the hard way… but developed Elephant skin in the process, nevertheless, Liberal Trolls positively irritate the life out of me.

The sub-species of the liberal movements with the septic core bureaucrats, politicians, phony civil rights activists, and liberal community organizers continue a non-stop 24/7 campaign with the purpose to divide and destroy the American people, for various personal gains; keep the chasm growing on all fronts. From this group comes such things as “you don’t like Barack because you’re a racist,” “Muslim are fine peace loving people, you are just intolerant of Islam.” They have on occasion changed the definition of words, even banned the use of some words because they might offend someone; this they have taken to the extreme when they ban the Pledge of Allegiance and the display of the American Flag in schools because it might be offensive to Muslims, illegal aliens, and Socialists.

Liberals have banned prayer, and the display of Christian imagery because it offends less than the reported 2% of Atheists, and of course the ‘peace loving’ Muslims and the promise of their Mid-Eastern ‘holy’ leaders to kill all Christians and infidels in the civilized western world. We live in a United States that is scarcely to be recognized as the great nation it once was.

Over a half decade, liberals have demonized Christianity to the point that some denominations have accepted the sin of the world as not being sin, losing their belief in the authority of the Bible, … Christians once held certain truths in common and the authority of the Bible was one of them, no longer the case; Christianity agreed to disagree about some of the denominational practices, (denominational faith beliefs), and would accept or reject various issues, nevertheless, it is not that way today. The Baptists, at times fight like cats and dogs over a sundry of issues, but unite as one heart and mind, when need be.

The nation was once that way, we would fight and agree to disagree, while actually being tolerant with each other, but let a real adverse situation arise, and the country united as Americans took on the issue as of one mind and heart. Only Americans could mess with Americans, don’t let some outside force, (Nature, or man), threaten us and our way of life, there was a price to pay.

Over the past four years, the differences in liberals and conservatives have escalated to the near breaking point; and the accelerated division may never be reversed. Satan has gained so much ground that common sense has almost went the way of our values as a nation. What may be even worse, is the schism between the races and nationalities between Christian denominations, gender, classes, religious beliefs, and the people and their government.
I know that I will continue to write to the conservatives, evangelical conservative Christians, and the non-denominational Christians, the uninformed citizen, the un-churched seekers; and let the chips fall where they will. For others who are liberal yet patriotic, (few but you do exist), and the progressives, who are actually liberal from the Republican division, and for the liberals who are not Marxist. Your welcome, unless you are a stealth liberal Troll, then go bother someone else.

It is most evident that our great nation has become divided on all fronts. Therefore, if American conservative patriots and well grounded Christians will stop being as shy turtles or ostriches, pretending that the situation does not exist, and begin the ‘push back’ and actually come together as ‘One Nation Under God’ and mend our ways in sincere humility; our once great nation will crumble and fall; for we are as the house divided against itself.
Some of the liberals immediately think victory because that is the war plan, but no victory exists. There is no victory for anyone, especially the average hard working, run ‘o the mill, everyday Joe, and Jill, they lose it all. For all the liberal special interest people, gays, illegal aliens, environmentalists, black liberationists, they will be devastated in a most server manner; they will be betrayed and denied by the ones they had put their hopes and gains in.

Oh Mon Dieu, there will be the Christians who have denied their ‘first love’, who will feel the bite of anguish when God humbles you for compromising your faith. Those who pretend to be Atheists, as well as actual Atheists who deny the morals and principals of God by denying God himself, all of you will have a most difficult time adjusting to Islam’s Sharia Law, for the truly hated Christian; being a martyr for the sake of Jesus? You will receive the crown of life, nonetheless, actually being dead will still be dead to this world.

For the liberal Christian, the Republican progressives, liberals and those who support liberalism, for all the faceless throngs of ‘minorities’ who have been used for their ‘causes,’ even of the most vile, that pours out from the vase prepared by the Imps serving their Demon masters who are perpetrating evil upon the people of our once great nation; your Marxist leaders will turn on you.

Do not dismiss my conversation too lightly, for you know that you know, that of which I so passionately speak is true. No longer can you play the Ostrich and pretend that the issues and the deadly, vile use of the issues do not exist, because they do, and from every front a fanatical campaign is being waged with only one purpose; that purpose is to divide and keep focus on the division, as that is the planned tipping point.

Does it not bother anyone, that even the ideologies being promoted and protected by the establishment’s bureaucracy will be persecuted by the venomous elite of the tyranny already in power? It is already evident in the manner, which black liberal theologians, phony black civil rights activists, whom lead the campaign for ‘equality,’ ‘social justice,’ and redistribution of wealth; attack with a vile and sinister ‘Uncle Tom’ character assassination, of the black man who works hard and stands on his character to confront the new slave masters in Washington D.C. their own racism will swallow them up like a sink hole in the septic swamp of liberal ideologies.

What a grand scheme to ‘fundamentally transform this nation and the way it does business.” Of course, the infamous quote from Barack Hussein Obama the Presidential candidate in 2007-8 can’t fault this man for telling the truth, perhaps only once; problem is we were not really listening, as usual; the nation was focused on the tidal wave of issues that were coming to light through the liberal/progressive four latest administrations.
At this point the only thing he has actually accomplished is change by lawless tyranny and division, what a relentless assault on America and the American people to deepen and widen the divisions. We may really never know to what vile, evil, extremes this administration has traveled to bring us thus far.

Real hope for our free Republic is the coming together to save the deeply wounded nation. Don’t be so naïve to entertain the thought that I am suggesting for anyone to compromise on beliefs, no, what I am suggesting is simply shelve them, and concentrate on rebuilding our nation, fix our nation as a nation united under the guaranteed liberties and freedom of the constitution. Clean up the established septic and vile mindset of greed and power that exists in all three branches of government, and let all of them know either they serve the people, or the people will replace them. United in the principals of the Founding Fathers, and The Constitution, it will make no difference if you are a liberal or a conservative just make sure you elect your public servant who will represent you, not a movement or their own self interests.

I am proud to be an American, ‘married’ to my sweet Jettie, we love the Lord Jesus and don’t hide that under a bushel, I love my free country, and don’t mind saying it really needs fixing, — C’mon people, you don’t have to like me, or Jesus, Just come together and love our constitutional nation. And for what America is noted … in a crisis we all have a habit of working together. I am especially calling on the Republicans, Tea Partiers, all Patriots and Christians…

C’mon people let’s get together… right now.